I attended this international conference with Elizabeth at the Tavistock Centre.  Elizabeth said she would be happy to take part in any future research programmes but once again I am hearing the same old story about lack of funding for any therapeutic care.  I as a mother am happy for a different approach rather than more and more mind altering drugs and Elizabeth has responded much better to alternative care but I have had to provide this myself and I think it depends on the area where you live as to whether you get this kind of beneficial care or not.  Elizabeth did say that CBT helped whilst she was a patient on the wards but nothing is provided in the community and in six months, Elizabeth has had nothing apart from what I provide myself.

I would recommend joining ISPS, particularly for professionals, in order  to keep up to date with the latest developments and to hear from Professionals such as Dr Bent Rosenhaum and how such care has benefitted service users which I was most interested in.   It is a shame so much money is being wasted. This could go instead towards a research programme and provision of such care, which could benefit my daughter and others who do not get on with the mainstream care of drugging.   I bought another book at this conference entitled “Understanding and Treating Patients in Clinical Psychoanalysis by Sandra Beuchler. There were clinicians, researchers, service users and carers who attended this event and I know most carers and service users would like to see choice and there is none at present.  When a patient goes onto an acute ward then drugs are all too readily on offer.  In view of the increased demand for beds and overflowing wards, a different approach is needed and I feel a patient should be treated as an individual.  In the current climate of austerity and evidence-based practice research can play a crucial role –  how I agree with this.  The event was held at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and I found it very beneficial to attend.

More therapeutic care is what is needed as in this case, we are seeing some signs of physical decline shown by recent endocrinology tests and all the more reason to rely less on these mind altering drugs and look to a different approach.  I am told that this may not suit everyone but it is better than drugs.   No decent doctor should ignore physical illness in favour of pushing drugs to the maximum yet they do and do not check to see if drugs are contra indicated or care if there are adverse reactions and complaints of side effects.  I am told the dosage of Clozapine is too high right now and in any case Elizabeth has asked for it to be reduced However the consultant psychiatrist and team are ignoring this fact along with her request.   So I feel it is very wrong that a patient should be forced to take drugs for the rest of their lives regardless of physical illness for the sake of convenience and this is why there needs to be better facilities because to be able to do anything effectively there needs to be the facility such as Chy Sawel and Soteria.  A patient should be listened to by a psychiatrist instead of ignored.

The new social worker came again last week but I was out at the time and the carer told me there is going to be a new care coordinator appointed with medical background who I hope to meet this week.  I understand Elizabeth mentioned about the ISPS Conference we were going on and that is a good thing so that the team themselves can be aware of the benefit of them attending in future.   I am re- joining ISPS next year and Elizabeth will also have a membership.   I am very interested to hear that they have a conference in New York.  I very much like New York but did not have much time to look round last time.  I would like to take Elizabeth to see New York and am going to find out whether this will be possible.    If Elizabeth can stand amongst huge crowds at Winter Wonderland yesterday evening then I am hopeful that I can take her abroad to  New York and Finland -we are having no problems at all with Elizabeth so I have no idea why the team persist in labelling her as they are doing when the correct diagnosis is PTSD – which is backed by research.

At Winter Wonderland when we eventually got in, the crowds were huge.  We had to queue for a long while but it was a good evening and party atmosphere.

I have two days off next week- lots of appointments planned. The Neurologist appointment has been arranged and I must speak to the GP about the dietician following the private Endocrinology tests and the other tests I had done for Dr Walsh which the team have  ignored.  Whilst the  GP cares about physical health, the psychiatrist  experiments on different drugs.   Despite saying this there are a few who are good but the majority of psychiatrists do not seem to care about physical health and choose to ignore side effects and just raise the drug or give another drug or several at a time.  I wonder if they are up to date on their knowledge on these chemicals as they don’t look properly at the files for instance a consultant psychiatrist at the Bethlem said he had “enough reading to do” – they are not interested in looking right the way back in the files and want to start afresh and this is wrong in my opinion as a consultant psychiatrist should know what happened to that person in great detail and that can only be achieved by reading the files thoroughly.  Anyway I am looking forward to attending a specialist seminar on 10th December about Schizophrenia Genetics.  Professor Michael O’Donovan is going to be speaking who specialises in diagnosis and management of Schizophrenia and psychosis.  My father had Alzheimers and this is another speciality of his including ADHD –  I hope I get the chance to speak to him  –  Professor Michael O’Donovan leads a large international schizophrenia research consortium and is also the Academic Psychiatry Lead for the Royal College of Psychiatry.   This is the 15th Paul Janssen Lecture.

The last lecture was “Preventing Schizophrenia – easier than you think?    – Prof John McGrath, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland, Australia, Prof Tony David –    I would entitle the lecture “obtaining a diagnosis of schizophrenia is easier than you think” 

Changing the subject, today I have put up Xmas tree and decorations –  still have a lot of shopping to do and must go to Westfield Shopping Centre –  Both centres are very good but the nearest to me is Shepherds Bush.   This is a fabulous shopping centre and this year I will take Elizabeth there to do Christmas shopping.



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