I was delighted to see advertised at a local health store this event last Wednesday about a treatment I had not heard of before and I had not even heard of the local Natural Health Centre.   I am all for alternative care as after years of drugging and a string of different diagnoses my daughter’s physical health is being affected as I have proven and I do not want this fact ignored by any of the team.  I was happy to see that some local doctors were looking for new approaches and this may help Elizabeth.

Elizabeth did not feel up to coming but no wonder why having taken the evening dosage of Clozapine.   After taking this chemical she has to lie down – that is the effect of this drug which is supposed to be used in cases of “treatment resistant Schizophrenia”  –  however this means poor or non metaboliser so I cannot understand why this chemical is being given when clearly there is a problem with metabolism and this could be doing more harm than good.  Anyway it is NOT recommended for the new diagnosis of PTSD.  I also cannot accept that a report which is highly accurate has been ignored and deprived to Elizabeth and I have made sure that she knows about this report which everyone in the family agrees with.  The team like to say she has Schizophrenia but have not come up with any scientific evidence to prove this whereas I have a full report that states PTSD by a consultant psychiatrist of many years experience which we are all in agreement with.   When someone is trying to withdraw from ANY drug they suffer withdrawal symptoms and sometimes patients are so affected by the side effects they are desperate to come off them yet are forced to take these chemicals and they do not address the underlying causes so in actual fact it is a complete waste of money.  It is a huge waste of money when a patient cannot metabolise the drugs and something should be done about this problem.  The less drugs pushed the more money saved and if there were decent centres like Chy Sawel then this would look at more than just drugging – physical health and nutrition and therapeutic care.

Anyway, I had a chat with some of these specialists and was impressed with what I saw of the Havening Therapy –  two people from the audience who had very real phobias/suffered trauma were helped.  If they can be helped then there is hope for Elizabeth and anything is better than more and more mind altering drugs.  I took away with me some literature “How may Havening Techniques help you or your clients? – treating phobias, panic attacks and chronic pain.  Treating emotional responses resulting from traumatic events.  Helping people let go of grief, anger and fear or stress responses.  POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER –  well I have nothing to lose  by referring Elizabeth to these excellent doctors –  the way I look at it is “nothing ventured nothing gained” –  I will never know until this is offered to Elizabeth and no doubt this is not on offer under the NHS like it should be.

“Havening , also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy (ADT) is going to change the face of therapy across the world.  What used to take months to cure can now be done in minutes in most cases.  PTSD, trauma, pain, depression and many more disorders.  The initial study recently completed by Kings College London shows the remarkable effectiveness of this extraordinary set of processes.

At last I have found something decent in the local area and shall  be contacting these doctors and making appointments for Elizabeth.  Now I have discovered the local centre of Natural Health that hold regular events which I can go to in the evenings and I look forward to attending things like workshops to teach practical skills ie aromatherapy, homeopathy for instance – meditation evenings and courses – information /evidence to support therapies which will enable patients and doctors to make the best choices about treatment within the NHS.   Well that sounds interesting –  I am always interested to hear of best choices as this is something that has been overlooked in Elizabeth’s case but maybe now I know what care is available this can be given to Elizabeth instead of all these drugs especially in light of her diagnosis of treatment resistant.(poor or non metaboliser).

I am very impressed to see there is more than one GP involved and I have decided to join this organisation.

I shall write to some of these contacts tomorrow to enquiry about joining.

Today I have taken Elizabeth to a very nice vegetarian restaurant and then we did shopping and I discovered another very interesting place where you can get a variety of health drinks and products.

Tomorrow I am going to a craft fayre with Elizabeth and close friends I have known for years.

The social worker came to see Elizabeth and I believe is trying to arrange a meeting –  I have had to use up nearly all my holiday when the team deprived the Clozapine and I had to go to lengths to get this chemical  otherwise I knew that the team could accuse me of depriving the drugs like they have done all along.  So it is difficult but I have a day off soon for the Neurologist appointment so I hope they can fit this meeting in around my busy schedule of appointments.  I wonder what is this new team that Elizabeth is being referred to.  The very best thing would be to give her direct payments.  What she needs help with is to get out and in six months has not been out on her own and it would be nice for her to decide on who she wants –  it is very bad that nothing has been done for Elizabeth in all this time.  Had she been given just a little bit of direct payments I could have arranged for someone of Elizabeth’s choice to come round to the house and take her out to the gym or other activities.  Elizabeth is fine now she is not in a MH institution in terms of behaviour however she suffers panic attacks and is petrified before going out places.  She also feels dizzy which is probably due to the fact she is on far too much drugs – the dosage is too high and should be reduced.  I am paying for the personal trainer and she could benefit from more sessions and another thing about the drug Clozapine it causes tremendous weight gain and that means looking at diet –  my carers are very good but cannot take her out all the time and the more she gets out the better as I am keen for Elizabeth to move on in her life.

I have some friends right now going through a very tough time.  They have sons/daughters on lengthy sections.  It is important to know that not everyone on a section such as this or even in a secure unit has killed or harmed anyone.  I think the system in this country is appalling and injustice is when someone ends up imprisoned who was never a risk to society and further injustice of labelling someone for life and taking control of them to the extent of depriving their contact with family for instance.  THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE AWARE THAT THERE IS SUCH TERRIBLE  ABUSE GOING ON AND BREACH IN HUMAN RIGHTS LAW CONSTANTLY – IT IS DEVASTING TO THE FAMILY OF THAT PERSON AND THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT IS THE GOVERNMENT AS THEY ARE WASTING HUGE SUMS OF TAXPAYER’S MONEY – how can anyone get better when incarcerated on shocking wards for so very long and some of these wards are horrific. There should be a complete  review and accountability to the public –  many of these patients that are made out to be a danger to society in fact are not.  They are being used as human guinea pigs with drugs given at high levels.  Others are left to struggle in the community with little or no support.   Physical health is being ignored in favour of drugging that can lead to permanent disability and serious physical illness.  As regards justice this is also denied to many vulnerable patients and some become too weakened to ask for things and deal with situations and end up permanently institutionalised – some are sent to private sector establishments like Elizabeth – this must cost a fortune and they are kept for as long as three years or even more in some cases.

I have been asked to speak at an event soon and I am delighted to say that Elizabeth’s sister will speak alongside me and Elizabeth herself is welcome to come and join us if she feels up to it and I am pleased to say that since coming home she is finding it easier to talk to people and has confided in some of my close friends.   I am not always around as I work and Elizabeth is more than capable of saying “no” to me whereas with the team she under strict control in an environment where coercion was rife and human rights forgotten. She is no longer clinging to my arm quite as much as before when out walking but I am concerned about the arm movements and when you tell her about this she is oblivious.

Christmas will be happy this year and there will not be the problem of driving there and back to hospital or care home picking up and returning Elizabeth – the hospital was a 5 hour journey away and even the care home was hundreds of miles away – I am looking forward to Christmas this year for the first time in a long while.

  1. anonymous said:

    I really really appreciate your writing and how you describe how it is to be given unsuitable help i.e just drugs and to be left without having any suitable therapy. You really understand it. Thank you.

    • sbev2013 said:

      I am pleased to say that elizabeth is going to see a Havening therapist who is coming round to my house and I hope she can help Elizabeth get over her fear of going out so she can eventually have a normal life as in six months she has not been out anywhere alone – no help has been provided and I see how the personal trainer is benefitting her – it would appear Elizabeth benefits from alternative care and seeing as she is regarded as treatment resistant which means poor or non metaboliser then drugging is not effective and a waste of taxpayers money. None of this wonderful care is available under the NHS. Elizabeth Aldo benefitted from seeing an orthomolecular psychiatrist – i have met dr shaw of gt plains laboratory and dr walsh – nutrient power and was most impressed – I must contact them both in the new year – more attention should be given to nutrition and choice in care – proper assessments as the diagnosis and treatment may b completely wrong and so could the treatment. Patients should be treated as individuals.

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