Visit to London Olympia

Yesterday I decided to take Elizabeth to the Chocolate Show held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre.   I was already in this area first thing in the morning and had to go back to collect Elizabeth for this show.

“I liked the fashion show very much and watching the demonstrations.  We then went to a tasting event held by Hotel Chocolate which I enjoyed.”

It was great to show Elizabeth around the surrounding area that I know so well as I spend so much time there.

Today we have been up very early to go to the gym for a class.  In the afternoon we had a visit from a personal trainer I have appointed to come to the house.  Although I have joined Elizabeth in local gyms, she does not get use out of them so having a trainer to come to the house will be a very good thing.

I have hardly been at home this weekend as we have been out most of the time but I would like Elizabeth to regain her confidence and independence and there is only so much I can do but I am very pleased that Elizabeth has not got to the stage where she completely refuses to go out at all.

With nothing being provided it is left to me to try and provide things to do while I am at work and at the weekends I take Elizabeth out places.  She thoroughly enjoyed the Chocolate Show and the costumes were fantastic.

I am hoping that the new trainer will help Elizabeth so that she can come away with me –  I would like to take her to Finland to see for myself the wonderful care on offer in Tornio.


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