I believe that exercise and diet are extremely important.   Since coming home Elizabeth is not living off takeaways but I buy fresh food and prepare the meals at the weekend for during the week.  Occasionally thought Elizabeth will order a takeaway despite the fact I throw away all the leaflets.  More and more leaflets are delivered and I do not believe takeaways to be at all healthy.     Elizabeth has been having personal training sessions but I noticed how much she enjoyed the Zumba class that I took her to a while back and a friend took her on Tuesday evening.  Today I joined her in this gym where they have a swimming pool and classes.  I was able to join in and I have given up a fabulous gym membership in the Chelsea area –  I was getting home so late but the classes were good and they had a nice swimming pool – a private gym that had a beautiful l roof terrace.   Since Elizabeth has come home from the care home I like to be home early now and there is a class I could fit in on Tuesday and take Elizabeth at this local gym.  Anyway in addition to this I am appointing a trainer to come to the house – someone who does Zumba classes.  This should keep Elizabeth occupied during the week.

Today as usual it is difficult to get Elizabeth out of the house.  She is suffering from the condition of Agoraphobia and feels physically sick at the thought of going out and sometimes goes out of her way to try and get out of it.   I do not believe the answer is addictive chemicals and an expert said the answer could be psychotherapy.  Well this is something I may have to consider as well as the trainer coming to the house as I would like to see Elizabeth making her own way out and going out places but it is like she is still a prisoner – a prisoner of her own mind –  the drug Clozapine causes her to have double vision so she told me and she feels dizzy.  At today’s class she stood at the back of the class and there was hardly any room for her to  move as she was between gym equipment and I tried my best to get her to move forward but she flatly refused.   I think the classes I plan to arrange at home will benefit her as it is just a matter of regaining the confidence lost by being institutionalised for so very long.  It is not good to place someone too long in a hospital environment and then onto the care home hundreds of miles away from home where she could not get out on her own.  She would know her way around the local area but has not once ventured out alone in 5 months and this is because she feels dizzy.  Elizabeth has told me that she did not feel well at the care home and I am not surprised when I saw the level of chemicals they were pushing at her.

Today in addition to doing this class we went shopping –  I wanted to go to my usual meeting with all the Survivors but I had so much to do and we did not make it.

I am very pleased with Elizabeth’s progress but will try to do everything I can to regain her confidence so she can go out places on her own and tomorrow I am going to see if I can get her to walk halfway up the road by herself.  If this does not work then I may look at what is on offer at the Bowlby Centre where there are experts who could possibly help Elizabeth and I went to a brilliant course there not so long ago with Dr Bob Johnson on Psychosis.

Tomorrow I am getting Elizabeth up bright and early to do another class with me.  This exercise is good her as she has quite n appetite and is always hungry on this drug.    Today I made sure that when I got lunch out it was a very healthy lunch –  I am very happy that I can share the things I enjoy with my daughter and really look forward to the weekend.

I hope to finish the decorating  and then I can arrange for the CCTV to be up and running.  It is partially installed and I can remember a member of the Home Team seemed panic stricken about this well I will have peace of mind with this CCTV up and running like I said.

Elizabeth mentioned about Finland and I would be willing to take her to Finland where she once worked.   I would like to see the fantastic care on offer which the world should take notice of – it is no wonder why they have 95% success rate.



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