The UK’s primary care of drugging/enforced drugging and ECT is not working for everyone.  Even if someone is treatment resistant or reports terrible side effects they are just ignored in favour of continuing with drugging regardless and drugs are often raised.  It is all about control and making money – if someone becomes disabled then they will need care and this care is provided by institutions as there is no help to families as no one cares.  It is a post code lottery where you live too.  It is not just long term institutionalisation causing disablement but huge money is wasted on tribunals long and drawn out.   So there is money being spent/wasted but not in the right direction – towards decent care.

Once someone has been given a label such as for instance “Schizophrenia” they are told by a psychiatrist they have to take drugs for the rest of their life.  Well at the ISPS Conference I met more than one person there who has learned to cope with hearing voices and is living a normal life since not being on the drugs.  One person I met was even studying for a degree and that reminds me of Eleanor Longden – here is another prime example and Rai Waddingham.    More than one leading expert has told me that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SCHIZOPHRENIA AND NO BIO MARKER HAS EVER BEEN FOUND.   THERE IS ALSO NO SUCH THING AS TREATMENT RESISTANT.  Well I as a mother have always doubted this label and have only seen problems with Elizabeth’s behaviour as a direct result of the chemicals pushed at her.

It is business because keeping someone on these drugs long term these professionals know full well they are going to have an effect on that person’s physical health.  As far as they are concerned they are not bothered.  As long as that person is sedated and drugged so they can barely move in some cases and are weakened to the extent it is easy for them to control then this is what they want.   They want someone to control and this brings money to in house services and employment to staff within the “business”.   It is also big business for the pharmaceutical industry and they can continue to use a person like my daughter as a human guinea pig for life as when that person develops a serious physical condition such a diabetes and such as Parkinsons Disease then there is a new market for drugs to be given and more experimentation on the poor patient.  Elizabeth is showing signs of injury as a result of these chemicals.  I do not call them medication as they are not there to make her better at all –  I have already proven to the team the damage they are doing by tests I had done at the Bio Lab which the entire team have dismissed.  I have had these tests done twice.  Now Elizabeth has been offered a new drug –  the drug is not one for psychotic symptoms and I did not ask what it was because I was so horrified but an expert suspects it could be to do with Parkinsons Disease.  So Elizabeth is showing the onset of Tardive Dyskinesia but none of them could care less in the local team.  I have told the GP and the GP is referring her to a Neurologist.

Under the mental health the more drugs pushed the better as I have seen done to my daughter.  Every admission to hospital saw an increase  and when several drugs are given at one time no proper tests are made.  I have proven that drugs are given without thought to the patient’s physical health and even social services have got involved in trying to push Clozapine in the past and they are not even doctors.

When Elizabeth was sent to the private sector no one was in a hurry to see her go and she was going downhill as witnessed by the entire family.  I heard they keep people for three years under a section and I supposed they get sent those people who like Elizabeth was constantly in and out of hospital.

The taxpayer should be asking questions about the treatment of mental health patients as this is having a knock-on  effect to other areas of the NHS such as A&E and maternity – why should these services be cut back on account of care that is not working and it is all because of the system of forced drugging and restraint and cruelty to patients.  It is about lack of support in the community and drugs being pushed without any thought –  I can see at first hand where the money is being wasted.


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