I have been out nearly all weekend as I make the most of my spare time and take Elizabeth out places.

Saturday she has a personal training appointment at her gym.  I also had a meeting to attend where survivors get together to talk and express ideas and the aim of the group is to educate and members there have suffered terrible abuse and have been hospitalised and have experience of services, mostly bad.  However the group campaigns for improvements to current care and to draw attention to a system that is simply not working and I was shocked to hear about the experiences of some of these former patients.  If anyone should be listened to it is the members of this group (SOAP) who have experienced abuse and I know of others also outside of this group too and it is  not just former patients I am in touch with but mothers/parents who are affected and not all are bad –  if training for the police for instance and mental health professionals is ever going to be improved then these people in this self-supported group should be listened to by all professionals.  So the meeting was well attended and some new people came to this.  It is good for Elizabeth to hear the enthusiasm of these people to see change in the current system and humane care in place and it is good for her to see the strength in character of these survivors.   After the meeting I took her to see her grandparents, the grandfather is not at all well.  If Elizabeth was hundreds of miles away at the care home she would not be seeing the rest of the family like she is now and today she has gone again with her sister.

Today we have been to a fabulous party near Cambridge and I have not long since arrived home.

I had better get on now with all the housework and things I have not been doing this weekend and I am going to ISPS Conference next week and looking forward to meeting those Professionals who are talking about Open Dialogue and I am really interested in meeting them.

I will tell you all about this wonderful conference later on this week.


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