It is not a long drive to get there from where we live and we had a wonderful day today.  The weather brightened up later on.  We first of all crossed the road to look at the sea and beach.   The sand was not as nice as Margate but Shoeburyness is a lovely quiet location and was not overcrowded with people.  We found somewhere decent to have lunch and after that we walked to the shopping centre in Southend which is very nice.  Elizabeth had presents to get for her Grandfather and father who have birthdays one after the other and the grandfather is currently in hospital.  If Elizabeth was miles away it would be difficult to organise things like this and help her as she asked to get the presents.  After getting these gifts we looked around the shopping centre and I was impressed and we made our way back for one last view of the sea and found a lovely café where we could sit outside that had a balcony overlooking the beach.   We then made our way back to the car and on our way back visited a friend I have in Southend.   The journey was good there and back with no excessive traffic.

As always when Elizabeth goes out she suffers panic attacks but I think the more she gets out the better – it is just a case of building up her confidence.   I do not know if staff ever said “Ok you don’t have to go out if you don’t want to” – however I think it is best to persevere and as always Elizabeth relaxes and enjoys herself and forgets her fear of going out altogether but walking is like walking with an old person.  She clings to me as she feels dizzy and I put this down to the drug she is on.  Inside places she can seem to walk OK it is just when we are out so she does seem to have a fear of open spaces and that is because she has been inside for a very long time and perhaps more should be done to ensure that patients are not kept in a hospital environment for too long to the point they lose their confidence like Elizabeth has done and can no longer go out easily – she has not once been out on her own but there are no activities provided so the best thing I can do is get other people to work with her – for instance she had a personal training session and came out of this like a different person.    I would like to have someone call to take her out places too this would benefit her.  The more she gets out the better but in the house she is OK.

As regards the Home Treatment Team we are no longer being harassed with all the visits and phone calls.   I got a call from the Deputy Manager to say they were stopping the visits and the “care” would be in the hands of the community treatment team.  Well someone will have to bring Elizabeth as I will be at work and I have had to arrange all of this myself as Elizabeth has to have the blood tests done with this drug.  I am glad that all the visits and phone calls have stopped and even collecting the drugs was better this time as it had been arranged that the drugs be left at the hospital foyer.  I do not know why this could not have been done all along and I have reservations about the other team and so does everyone else in the family but all that is needed is that Elizabeth is able to have the drugs as unfortunately nothing is being reviewed and I  have now properly registered her with the GP and she has had necessary health checks done.

Such a shame the weekend has gone so quickly but we try and do as much as possible  and I try and fit in all the chores with going out places  and I was up until 2.00 am doing the ironing in order that we could go out all day today.  


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