I am all in favour of this and cannot wait until Dr Walsh comes over here again and if there are 10 doctors out there who would be interested in training under Dr Walsh please contact me.   Myself and other mothers would like humane care like Chy Sawel and Soteria in the UK and you can see why if you look at my blog at some of the shocking examples –  I am in touch with lots of former patients who are all doing well for themselves and mothers who want to see a complete change and who can blame them.   Anyway Elizabeth has been for her second personal training session.  I dropped her off at the gym and went shopping.  I have been up really early today as I have had an important appointment but Elizabeth was resting whilst I was out and ready for me to take her to the gym when I got back.  She is starting to take initiative now and even got on with the ironing without being told.  This is very good because the more she is doing on her own without me telling her the better and this bring hope of independence.   I am hoping that with more sessions at the gym and it will take time Elizabeth will go out on her own.  It has been over two months now but Elizabeth relies of other people to take her out and can suffer anxiety initially before she even goes out the front door – the more this is encouraged the better but I have to rely on friends to help me during the week and I have the weekend to do what I can to help her.  The biggest help though will be the personal training sessions and I have been in East London today and I will be taking Elizabeth back to East London later for aromatherapy.  Where on earth did all those oils go.  I am going to have to contact Dr Tracy and get some more and these were beneficial at the Bethlem Royal Hospital where the care was all about Clozapine and was worse than any prison.   I would like such wards livened up at the weekends with entertainment and relaxation classes which is something that I myself was going to bring to the ward before I got banned.  Anyway  in a different area where there were markets and shops it is all too easy to get carried away and I ended up spending money on both myself and Elizabeth.  It is a good job that I had to watch the time in order to get back for the personal training session as the longer I spent the more money I would part with.   I have my car back now and it has been MOT’d etc and has yet again cost me but never mind.    Elizabeth want to go to the Yoga studio which is up the road and I may take her there before this other appointment.   As usual the weekends are extremely busy for me and I have a course coming up “From Diagnosis to Dialogue – run by ISPS at Leicester University 17 – 18 September.  I am hoping to take Elizabeth to further her knowledge.  There are some interesting speakers Arnhild Lauveng, Marius Romme, Sandra Escher, Rachel Waddingham, Lucy Johnstone  Prof John Read, Jim Geekie and Jaakko Seikkula and I would be interested in going to Finland myself with Elizabeth to see what care is available in Tornio and all the more reason that the UK adopts this successful care over here as I can see that the care is not working here.  Open Dialogue is the way forward.  The Conference is about experience of psychosis, their family and friends.  Family is something that is forgotten about in the eyes of the team so if this is a conference for Professionals and for people with experience I am looking forward to this very much.  In my opinion politicians should get themselves down to this conference so they can learn what changes need to be made.   I am also booked on the carers UK Conference and I have seen an interesting one run by Soteria in Manchester –   I may see if I can attend this too.    All of this is confidence building for Elizabeth as there are usually people who speak who are now getting on with their lives and set a good example.  Elizabeth also enjoyed taking part in a workshop at Liverpool’s INTAR Conference where I met wonderful people who wish to see positive change – social workers of all people!  Definitely well worth a visit to Liverpool and now Leicester –   well it is good to see so many professionals  who wish to see change and the best advice can be found at the universities where professionals there are up to date with things.

Anyway I had better stop here as I need to get out and see all the wonderful shops in East London with Elizabeth this time and then she has her appointment in the early evening.

I have found wonderful care in East London namely Dr Health –  Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal Medicine although I booked for Elizabeth Aromatherapy.    As regards herbal medicine it is worth checking as to whether there could be any interactions with the drugs that person happens to be on but I was recommended Acupuncture for Elizabeth and I keep an open mind about these alternative solutions and there were many letters up on the wall to show how effective they were but such care on a regular basis may be expensive but then perhaps this would be better than what Elizabeth is currently on  I am willing to try the acupuncture that Elizabeth has shown interest in.  It does not make sense to me if the drugs are not working then this is a waste of money and there is other care that could be on offer instead that could be effective for the patient.  When all else fails it is worth trying other things rather than just plod on with the same drugging one drug after another and force this upon a patient.   When something is forced upon someone then this kind of care is no good and not therapeutic in my opinion and the minimal rather than maximum drugs should be given.  

Elizabeth has spoken today about a shocking drug called Quetiapine and that this gave her a bad reaction and nothing is properly tested but when someone is on 800 mg or more then this should be looked at very careful and this shows that there is no regard for physical health of a patient.   Elizabeth’s verdict on Dr Health was “excellent”.   This is the kind of care that should be on offer in order to help patients come off the wards and would this not work out cheaper than having a patient stay for weeks or years and years on end in an acute ward.  I have seen nothing but progress since Elizabeth has come home.    She is doing things using her own initiative and I am amazed.  They may be things that people do or take for granted however I am well aware that Elizabeth has been in the system for a long time and to me this is a great sign of improvement the fact I am not having to tell her every step of the way and she is thinking of things herself.  


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