I went there today with Elizabeth and it was a great day out.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone and I would be interested in spending a weekend there another time.    The weather was good and there was plenty to do.

Everywhere we walked Elizabeth clung to me as she felt as though she was falling. 

She suffered bouts of anxiety and wishing to go very early but she settled down in the end and we saw more than one cookery demonstration but unfortunately missed out on Jamie Oliver himself as we arrived too late.    In addition to this there was so many outlets where you could obtain any kind of food – the choice was fantastic.  There was also a brilliant selection of entertainment to choose from and more than one stage.    Where the main stage was  it was quite busy and just before we left I took Elizabeth round to see everything there –  I thought it was great value and for a good cause.   I hope they get my letters as I believe that nutrition is so vital when it comes to mental health care especially when you think of hospital food and unhealthy diet – ie., in the hospitals because the food was no good, patients would buy takeaways.   At home I try and prepare fresh food with Elizabeth and it certainly makes a difference as to how you feel and for patients that are on these drugs that can cause weight gain and tiredness etc., it is crucial for them to have a good diet.

It was once Elizabeth’s ambition to become a chef but now she is disabled due to the drugs and hospitalization.    It can be an effort to get her out of the house but she has been out with me two days running, to my meeting I attend with former patients in London on Saturday and to the gym and today this wonderful event.   I have booked for next week another personal training session.  I feel she is making a lot of progress but physically has declined.  At least she wants to do things and I would like the most normal life as possible for her.   



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