Today no phone call, no warning the Home Treatment Team came round despite being told three times by Elizabeth that she does not want to see them.  There is no point in their visits –  when they were needed initially they did not want to know –  I understand a meeting has taken place between the Manager of that team and someone else I cannot name at this stage.  So I know what they are doing –  this is an invasion of privacy for someone who is no longer showing any sign whatsoever of mental health problems and is complying with treatment –  this is an abuse of human rights and is meant by this team of so called professionals to cause distress amongst the family.  In fact I am glad this is happening – (on the contrary far from causing me distress as they hope it is showing up what a dreadful system there is in place when NHS staff ignore a patient’s wishes and have it on their records, turn up with name badges back to front or not at all).   This kind of treatment is designed to intimidate and cause worry and distress.  I am making it public what they are doing especially in light of the Rotherham scandal when people right at the very top are responsible for the control of care services and staff and there is great power at the top and ZERO ACCOUNTAB ILITY.  Well if this is designed to portray me as someone who is emotional and unsuitable to care for my own daughter – what does this sort of behaviour show of the rotten care system.  I go to work and believe in the values of work and paying my way through life –  I want Elizabeth to be back to work and I enquired at a local renowned college only to find their funding has been substantially cut which means I as a mother have to provide the full asking price of the course as Elizabeth has the chance to work thanks to her sister who was once diagnosed with so called Schizophrenia and how comes she has graduated from university and is on top of the world.  How comes someone else in my family recovered without a single drug?  There are many questions that should be asked in this respect and no matter what I shall continue to ask these questions.

Lets Start with NHS Care:

Not everyone comes under MH care because they have taken illicit drugs.

Not everyone comes from a terrible family background and not everyone is abused by their parents although I fully appreciate having spoken to some that there are the most shocking cases – all the more disgusting is the treatment of drugging as these people need humane care and counselling. 

There could be other reasons and without going into personal detail – one of the reasons was a prescription of Cipralex which gave an adverse reaction to my daughter.  I as a mother fully trusted the professionals at the time – her behaviour became unrecognisable.  How I wish now that I had properly read and looked indepth as to how very dangerous these drugs are and would urge every mother to do so and please contact me as regards the books to read.  There may patients that say say the drugs work but for others they can cause nothing but harm.   This harm can be shown in behaviour which would never ever have occurred before.  In other words someone may have been getting on wonderfully with their lives – suddenly everything changes.    I had caring responsibilities for my father with Alzheimers and younger daughter at the time and I take full blame –  I overlooked the fact there was a problem with my elder daughter who had only one ambition and that was to become a chef.  This drug Cipralex destroyed everything and put her into conflict with the whole family.  She became sullen, withdrawn, she became secretive, she became aggressive at times and mood swings ranging from suicidal to aggression.  I reacted like a lot of mothers would have but I noticed that her eyes were dilated.   How could I have been so stupid not to associate this behaviour with a drug that was prescribed at 30mg a day by a trusted doctor.    When Elizabeth said she was taking herself off the drug I thought —  Good.  How could I have been so stupid not to realise that by doing this in one go could lead to psychosis.  I hope other mothers will take note of my mistakes here –  I trusted the professionals and the drug Cipralex should have been withdrawn slowly and under proper medical care but actually I did not put her in hospital as my daughter accused me of, unfortunately things got taken out of my hands whilst I was desperately trying to get something to calm her down so that I could cope.

The drug Cipralex caused suicidal thoughts.  The drug Cipralex led to self harm.  The drug Cipralex led to not only aggression in a previously calm and placid person but to the most horrific thing of all MENTAL HEALTH CARE IN THE UK.

For any professional reading this I am not having a go at all of you but I can literally count on one hand those who have done good for my daughter – the rest play purely by the book – by the control of an abusive system.   This is by no way a civilised country that treats the weak and vulnerable so shabbily but uses bullying techniques which I will go on to explain later. 


And so followed one hospitalisation after another, impossible at one point to have her at home – then came hope in the form of a so called renowned hospital NHS run –  Royal Bethlem.   A drug free period was offered at the Nat Psychosis Unit –  Elizabeth was in such a state when she was referred there from local care that had completely and utterly failed.   I approached the Rt Hon Mr Norman Lamb and spoke to him at the Institute of Psychiatry and he had just visited the area concerned  –  no doubt he was shown only the best and not the reality. 


I am not criticising all of NHS care.

However to keep someone under control under the MH they drug someone up and when one drug after another fails even when that person is not showing signs of improvement but severe complications nothing is done – the drug is increased and further drugs given whether contra indicated or not – polypharmacy.  How dangerous is it when doctors do this without consulting those who do know about the drugs properly and are up to date on the latest developments.  


Some people may say I have myself to blame for making so many complaints but the complaints get you nowhere –  you get advised to contact the PHSO and Local Government Ombudsman and your local MP.  Well what happens when no one could care less.  I have also been advised to contact the CQC –  well someone should be responsible and why should they not look into a very serious individual case?   The question I have time and time again is who is behind all of this –  who is behind the covering up of blame and lack of accountability when things go clearly wrong.


So I have come to the conclusion that out of all of the so called labels – diagnoses of which there is one for everyone (including the consultant psychiatrists themselves in the DSM).  The diagnoses are value diagnoses based on assumptions and not evidence and there is profit in pushing drugs at the very young – children to the v ery elderly – my father with Alzheimers which made a placid man aggressive.  Staff showed NO UNDERSTANDING.   I am so sorry as I would have stood up to the doctors and said NO I do not want my father on Risperidone or Seroquel.   I have seen the effects of these drugs on three in my family and the effects of someone else who declined every drug on offer and got better after about 5 months.


So my criticism of the NHS care is the drugging of people against their wishes and the forced drugging and yes ECT that currently goes on when all else fails. 





My comments to the Team –  Elizabeth is just a number to you –  you are paid to do your job – you get your salary – that pays for holidays and benefits – probably a lot more than most of us get.  However how would you feel if this was your daughter?   You can write what you like behind someone’s back without consequences only I can show what has been written about me as I have obtained the files – some of them at least which prove my point.  What right have you got to slag someone off behind their backs in such a way without knowing the first thing about the family.   Before you even say it – “no I am not suffering from stress myself”  I  have become RESLIENT.  I have been a carer for my Mum with cancer, my dad with Alzheimers, my younger daughter, my elder daughter and others who I cannot name.  So this has made me resilient to stress so there is no point in you trying to discredit or even say I am stressed out as I would not touch that poison you dish out that you call medication.

I as a mother feel that there is the expertise in the UK that goes beyond those assigned to the everyday care that is being overlooked.  Such expertise should be paid the highest attention and be respected and not ridiculed.  Such expertise could be saving money to the public and lives as Elizabeth who is here contributing to this right now says.   This expertise the team should be turning to when it comes to cases where someone is NOT getting better and when someone like Elizabeth is called TREATMENT RESISTANT.  (To anyone who does not know this means non or poor metabolizer).    I am going to make it my ambition to see in place a NATIONAL DRUG METABOLIZING PROGRAMME WHERE THE HEALTH OF ALL MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS CAN BE PROPERLY ASSESSED AND THEN CAN BE SAVED TO THE NHS.


I wrongly though that private sector care would be better for my daughter Elizabeth as all else had failed.  I naively thought that a nicer environment, care that was humane with the four star wards I had heard so much about in place – I thought this was the right care.  Elizabeth is here with me –  here are her comments :  “I don’t want to talk about it basically – it was dreadful, horrible, soul damaging”  say no more!  these are NOT my words. 



“I thought it was OK but I was not given any choice really – I did not like one therapeutic community but there was one I wanted to see”   I felt imprisoned.  One member of staff was putting pressure on me to do things when I wasn’t well and to make certain choices against my wishes.    I did not feel well enough to go out hardly at all – it must have been the drugs – there seemed to be more drugs than ever there. It had increased”.


When all else fails – what then?

Elizabeth …………….” I think abuse should be reported straight away and that it should not happen in the first place because it is very hurtful.”   I am very h appy as I have just had my hair done nicely.   I am very h appy to be with my family and I am complying with the drugs.

Who do you complain to when things go wrong and when professionals step out of line.


When no complaints are dealt with effectively then this should go to the very top,


The very top is Mr Cameron, Mr Hunt, Mr Lamb, Mr Clegg and Mr Burstow.

I do not want to be fobbed off with any more of your assistants.  My example is just one of many shocking cases and a room should be provided for us mothers to call and see you to discuss the way forward.  




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