Today we have had a lovely day out in Margate.

Elizabeth liked Margate very much in particular the sandy beach – there were quite a few people but not too overcrowded.

We had lunch out and walked along the front after paddling in the freezing cold water. There was an abundance of lifeguards on the beach – however Elizabeth did not want to go further into the water.

It is good to be able to take Elizabeth out with us and not think of her stuck in a hospital or care home miles away. She has missed out on so much but now I am very happy that we can share out days out and hopefully holidays in future.

Elizabeth spent 2 months in Finland working some years ago and still talks about what a wonderful place and I myself have been hearing about the brilliant care on offer. I would like to visit Tornio in Finland myself – this is place where they have got it right unlike in the UK where wards are overflowing and the system that allows enforced drugging and restraint is abusive in my opinion.

Open dialogue is the way forward and because quite often carers are excluded by teams it is no wonder why things do not work.

Anyway since coming home Elizabeth is slowly but gradually regaining her confidence. Today I handed her a pile of ironing to do and she got on with it after all I cannot do everything for her. The only problem I have is trying to get her to walk on her own outside the house and she has a fear of falling – even on the beach Elizabeth was clinging to me but we had to go shopping afterwards and I asked for her to bring some of the shopping in and it was only a short walk from the car to the front door but Elizabeth managed although in the first instance wanted me to come out which I refused because this is step forward that Elizabeth managed to walk to the car herself and I hope eventually will be able to walk halfway up the road without clinging to me. I am going to get someone to take Elizabeth to the local gym this week and see if there are any personal trainers who can come over to the house to collect her once a week. The gym, exercise plus nutrition and plenty of fresh air is the answer. Already Elizabeth is looking so much better.


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