I got up at 10.00 am, took my medication and my sister drove me and her friend to Camber Sands. We arrived at about 1.00 pm and found a car park to park and my sister bought a ticket for £10.00. We straight away went to the beach. It was a nice beach, the sea was calm and it was nice and sandy. We went for a drink in the café first of all which overlooked the beach. After that we went to sit on the beach and my sister had made a picnic which included sandwiches, crisps and many nice things. My sister and her friend went to paddle in the sea whilst I sat and watched and it was funny to see as her friend pushed my sister into the water which was cold and she screamed and was drenched whilst I sat on the beach and laughed.

We stayed for some time on the beach and then we had to watch the time as the Home Treatment Team come sometimes early and we had to be back but my sister was very upset as she got a parking fine. As she was helping me out of the car the ticket must have blown out and she is appealing against it but she was quite upset at receiving this ticket when she had paid and now has to prove it but there are cameras in the car park but staff would not give their names – I hope she does not have to pay the fine of £60.

I had a great time today and it was so nice to sit on the beach and be out in the fresh air.

Sometimes before I go out I feel nervous but today I was fine. I do not always feel like this though but today I feel good.

I have today gained a sun tan. It was not overcrowded on the beach.

  1. true justice said:

    Well done! nice to see you writing! your family and friends are very proud of you! 🙂 best wishes. G-d be with you all

    • This piece was written by Elizabeth but I hope that one day this entire blog will be written by Elizabeth. I have shown her what wonderful support she has and this blog is dedicated to those “forgotten ” people, some of whom are stuck on never/ending sections – some are in and out of hospital getting no better with the main care being drugging in the UK which is all a waste of public money especially if they cannot metabolize the drugs. I hope I get the chance personally to ask Mr Jeremy Hunt what he plans to do about this situation and why haven’t we got open dialogue and why is there not one facility to properly look at someone’s physical health, symptoms could be mistaken for MH problems and also the adverse reactions suffered by some patients on the drugs they are given. People are given a label which sticks for life yet where is the proof – scientific proof is very important and why is the diagnosis of PTSD being ignored in favour of “paranoid schizophrenia treatment resistant” – Doctors have failed to provide me with the scientific proof and prefer to carry on drugging for the rest of my daughter’s life until she suffers very serious physical health problems and becomes a burden to the NHS. Disgusting and cruel treatment of MH patients and now they wish for people such as my daughter to prove they are ill – the answer decent facilities (Chy Sawel) choice as not everyone finds acute wards therapeutic and review of drugs being given. National Drug Metabolizing Scheme – Plus Open Dialogue

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