When I got home Elizabeth was not there so I asked her sister where she was and she is out enjoying herself with close friends.  I am delighted about this as at the care home she was in bed at 6pm and sleeping in the afternoon –  at least at home she gets out places and this is very good for her confidence.   Also she is on a lot  less drugs and I was horrified when I saw the list of chemicals being given at the care home – more than ever before by a consultant psychiatrist who not once telephoned you back.  

Anyway, I cannot wait to take Elizabeth to a wonderful conference in Liverpool and see some of the sights of Liverpool if possible.  At this conference I am looking forward to meeting some of the people I have written to on social media who are professionals wishing to see change and alternatives to hospital and I am certainly in favour of this.  An acute ward and oppressive environment does not suit everyone and with all the wards overflowing there needs to be alternatives and I shall be mentioning Chy Sawel as a good alternative and also the way forward I believe is Open Dialogue which includes the family unlike my experience.

Elizabeth has done a lot of walking tonight and that is a very good thing.   The more she gets out the better in my opinion as this is the right way to regain her confidence.  This is the way forward.

It will be educational for Elizabeth to attend the forthcoming conference and she may well have some good ideas of her own about what kind of care would work in her opinion. 

Anyway I am so looking forward to the INTAR CONFERENCE and I shall be writing about this in due course.   









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