I bought some VIP tickets for this event to take Elizabeth to as she was very interested at one time in being a chef. and I have been before to this wonderful event.  I was unable to take her last time as she was in hospital but as Elizabeth is home now with the family I booked these tickets and she thoroughly enjoyed this event and so did I.   There was so much to see and you could sample the food being prepared and watch demonstrations from top chefs. We watched a Thai food demonstration and after you could try some of the food.  In the VIP tent Elizabeth could have a drink but of course could not have the champagne on offer but they made her a fruit cocktail instead, It was peaceful inside these areas.  Considering Elizabeth has been  in hospital for the past few years and at a care home where she was not getting out that much, she did well to travel up to London on the underground and mix with large crowds.  To begin with I noticed before we had left home she seemed to be panicking.   I did not offer Lorazepam as I heard this is a highly addictive drug.  Elizabeth is on already too high a dosage of chemicals as it is but at the care home she was on an enormous amount.  Elizabeth favourite was the Thai food and we entered a competition for a holiday in Thailand –  I hope we win it – now is the time for Elizabeth to build up her confidence as I am surprised at how quickly this is happening since her return home.  I as a mother am encouraging Elizabeth to go out and at the weekends I do my best to ensure that no matter how busy I may be I find the time to take her out somewhere.  After this wonderful time at Taste of London I decided to take Elizabeth to meet some of my wonderful friends from SOAP in Camden.    We could not stay long as I knew the Home Treatment Team would be coming but normally they would come much later – sometimes as late at 9.00 pm but this time of all times they turn up early and we were out.  Luckily Elizabeth’s sister was at home and to remind the home treatment team to leave the drugs for the next day.  I am happier with this arrangement as it is less restricting and these drugs are given  to Elizabeth no matter what my personal feelings are and any unjust criticism in the past by the team .There is no excuse to turn around and say I am the one depriving the drugs.  I have already documented all of this recently however what is worrying is that Elizabeth has a new diagnosis (PTSD)which is being completely overlooked by the team despite research and I would like to see proof when I have been looking into research by Professor Healy and Professor 0rner and thoroughly agree with the report the team have failed to discuss with Elizabeth and the new diagnosis of PTSD. Now I wish to know why this diagnosis backed by research is being completely overlooked –  the cure is intensive trauma therapy and it would seem that Elizabeth has a very good memory and today I was most surprised as we walked in Regents Park at the level of observation as I had not noticed this –  Elizabeth noticed a private care expert from Harley Street driving a car –  I was absolutely amazed.  I have had to turn to Harley Street for care when the drugs were deprived locally.

Anyway Elizabeth was very happy to meet some of my new friends who I would call “SURVIVORS”  and I am proud as a mother to attend meetings from time to time.  Elizabeth despite suffering initial fears (Agoraphobia)  came out with my encouragement into huge crowds in Regents Park  –  I had no idea there were massive crowds nearby demonstrating about cuts nearby as I would have liked to have contributed in a speech on how huge savings could be made.   Well I as a mother am waiting for a room in Parliament to discuss how such savings could be made and it would be great if Mr Clegg for instance did his “question and answer” session not just to school children but to the mothers who have sons and daughters locked away unnecessarily forever in a system of care homes and private hospitals.  I am sure the mothers would have many questions and I have some good ideas too on how money could be saved to the NHS.  Why push so many drugs at someone like Elizabeth who is “treatment resistant” and it is not recommended in NICE GUIDELINES for the drug Clozapine with a diagnosis of PTSD.  It does not make any sense to me when drugs are deprived to someone who may have a physical problem because they are too expensive.   100mg is the therapeutic dose and I have had some excellent advice from more than one top professional as I have had to turn to universities for advice and I am going to Liverpool soon and Elizabeth will learn so much by accompanying myself and others to a wonderful conference very soon attended by some of the Country’s leading experts.  There is a leading expert in drug metabolism based in Liverpool and I am going to make enquiries as to whether he is back yet as he has been abroad – the necessary tests should be carried out to ensure that the correct treatment is given “I am not sure the drugs are doing me any good Mum”  –     As Elizabeth once said “you try taking them, Mum”  -If someone cannot metabolize these drugs they could be doing more harm than good and why is there not a National Metabolizing Programme in the UK as this could save money?   Despite everything that has been written about me in the files I have not stopped these drugs or encouraged her to stop taking these drugs but I would like her to be on the minimum dosage and bearing in mind the cost to the NHS for ill health as a result of long term problems then this is something that is totally overlooked by professionals.  The long term physical health of my daughter is being overlooked.    At least she has stopped smoking now she is home and I make sure there is plenty of healthy food in the house.  Elizabeth has cooked dinner on a few occasions and is doing tremendously well.  Tomorrow she is going to her grandparents for dinner –  the only help she needs is as regards getting out places as she would not go out on her own but it is only a matter of time.   All I can hope for is that Elizabeth has a normal life and she is not totally incapable but needs help in getting out places as her long stay in  hospital has resulted in disability in this respect.




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