Card from Elizabeth

I found this card Elizabeth must have made during the night on the floor of her room whilst hoovering this afternoon.

“To Mum and Family friends,

Thank you for all the support you have given to me in this bad time I’ve seen here at home – wish me luck and from God who created all of us to live on this earth and heaven above.

Love you lots

Elizabeth .

to be here at home.”

I have not altered the wording in any way or prompted Elizabeth to write this but she is very grateful for friends taking her out and helping right now in terms of support with regard to her being at home in accordance with her wishes.

I would also like to extend my thanks to those concerned who have gone out of their way to help me right now.

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  1. Bia said:

    Hello. I fell on your blogg by accident. My son is going through some mind troubles. I am reaching out to all intervoice activists including dr May Rufus. You are in England, you are lucky, go visit him. Also there is a method called the Maastricht Interview. I am convinced of its efficacy. We are from Englag but live in the State. This is the Wild West. They only meds and meds. I am desperately trying to find the American May Rufus. My son came to England to volunteer but was not well. He refused to return to the States but we want him close to us till he is better.
    Keep in touch

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