I attended this yesterday all day and I very much like what is on offer at this centre.  When mainstream care fails, this centre offers a welcome alternative and I was about the only non-professional there and the only mother. 

“The aim of the workshop is to equip those working with psychotic symptoms with a deeper understanding of its traumatic roots and its relational contexts.  Empowering intent evaporates psychosis”  – how very true! 

There were films based on interviews of patients and discussions where everyone could join in.

One consultant psychiatrist (Dr Bob Johnson) did an introductory talk on trauma, psychotic symptoms and attachment which I found very interesting especially as Elizabeth’s new diagnosis is PTSD.  It is a great pity so many consultant psychiatrists mainly think of drugging as the “cure” –  well this is no cure at all and they should be concerned about the long term health implications and should listen to the patients.    Dr Johnson’s approach of cutting the strings of past trauma so they float off into the past worked for some of these patients I was impressed with the film presentation in this respect.   I understand he has a book called Emotional Health which describes his approach and I shall be adding this to my collection.


Also speaking was Kate Brown, UKCP Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist.


Much was covered in this all day course going to back to history and possible future developments and definition of psychosis and I thoroughly agree that psychosis is treatable and patients can recover from this.


The course covered Attachment theory, categorisation and research.

Also Life events which could contribute to psychosis and better understanding by way of attachment theory.

Inclusion of social and cultural

In conclusion Hope, Acceptance and Courage.

I found this course to be very interesting and when all else is failing perhaps this should be the way forward  – I would certainly say that Dr Johnson is one of the best psychiatrists alongside Dr Moncrieff who I have been fortunate to meet.

I have another course to look forward to coming up soon in Liverpool called the INTAR Conference.

Someone has just told me that there are trials going on with Open Dialogue right now and I am going to look this up as I like the approach and feel this could work here.  If there is 95% success rate in Tornio, Finland then it should be adopted here in my opinion.

Right now Elizabeth is out with her sister and I hope she will be back in time for the Home Treatment Team.    They did not turn up until really late last night and there seems to be different people coming lately.


As regards progress –  Elizabeth is becoming more and more confident in the home.  She surprises me with her memory and can cook and prepare meals.  She can certainly order a takeaway and I have had to hide these leaflets that come through the door as it is very important that she has healthy food so we went shopping today and bought food for during the week.

Elizabeth seems very happy right now and it is getting out she needs help with.  Getting to and from an appointment would be a problem for her.  She says she feels afraid of open spaces – she was not even allowed to the corner shop in the private hospital and so of course someone can feel more anxious and suffer panic attacks and Elizabeth has to hold on to my arm when walking.    I am sure that this as well as her confidence will return slowly and gradually to the point that she is going out on her own places.  Being in hospital for so long just makes someone more dependant and disabled but it is not too late for Elizabeth and it is encouraging so many care.






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