It is quiet in the house right now only I am at home.  Elizabeth is out with her sister having been out all day long.  Elizabeth has been taken out with a close family friend to do fishing which is ideal for her as there are areas close by where it is peaceful and rivers and lakes to fish in and she now has a License.  It was a beautiful day today and Elizabeth looks well having been in the sunshine today and as she is getting out more and more since being at home.  This is all thanks to my wonderful friends who have gone out of their way to help me.

So now the Home Treatment Team only come once a day which is a lot better – they leave the drugs in the morning the night before which the family give her and then they just call in the evening.  Tomorrow I have asked them to call a bit later.  I am really looking forward to going to the Bowlby Centre to do a course there all day long.  I did enquire if I could bring Elizabeth but it was too short notice and I am not sure she could take it in anyway so she will be taken care of tomorrow whilst I go to this course and increase my knowledge.  I will write all about this course tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing a psychiatrist that I think deserves the highest award – it is a pity Elizabeth will not be there to see him in person.   I have other courses booked in addition to this –  one is in Liverpool and Elizabeth will enjoy going to Liverpool with me for this (INTAR Conference) and also there is much to see in this area and I am going with a few friends to this event very soon.

On Sunday I will have a peaceful day in addition as Elizabeth will be with her father and rest of the family.   If they are not going too early I would like to go to the Zumba class again like last week.  After a while Elizabeth joined in and enjoyed herself –  it did take a bit of persuasion though but all this is confidence building as when you have been in hospital for so long you are bound to lose confidence.    As I am not around during the day Elizabeth has the benefit of being in the company of wonderful friends who have known her a long time and has met some of my new friends who I would call “survivors”  –  I think they offer very good advice as these people have moved on and have coping ability having gone through the most terrible experiences.

I will write about the wonderful course I am about to attend tomorrow over the weekend.



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