Yesterday I told the Home Treatment Team we would not be at home early in the morning.  I would not be able to take Elizabeth to the new gym to try out the zumba class if she had just had the drugs given.  The Home Treatment Team turned up quite late last night in any case – in fact I telephoned as I wondered where they were and we were waiting in and it was gone 8pm.  They didn’t get the message this morning as apparently they called whilst we were out.  Anyway at first Elizabeth was a bit unsure and did not want to join in but the class was excellent and I hope this could be something we can do together at the weekends.  In order that she is encouraged I went out and bought some very nice clothes for the gym for her next visit.  Eventually the Home Treatment Team turned up at gone 1pm  and probably wont be coming until late today.  It is extremely restricting.  It means you have to wait in morning and evening and there is no saying when they will turn up but tomorrow things are going to change.  I cannot get time off to take her to a meeting to discuss the drugs but she has given consent to very close friends to go in my absence.  


Right now Elizabeth has gone out for a walk with a very close friend and another friend has offered to take her to the wonderful Dragon Café.  There is so much going on there and I have been along once but it is a bit awkward for me in terms of travel from where I am during the week  This and the Stuart Low Trust offer many interesting things to people who have MH problems and I have been along to Stuart Low Trust to listen to Dr Moncrieff speak once.

It has been a really good day and a positive one as Elizabeth really does seem to want to move forward with her life.  It has been lovely weather too –  every day I have seen improvement and she is doing things without being told and using her initiative.

It is good for me as well to go back to doing the classes I used to do at the end of each day and I need to get fit as I have said I would take part in a run soon but when I heard it was miles I felt like backing out immediately but I will at least try –  The Swimathon for Marie Curie was a year ago now and I gradually built up the fitness in my previous gym – I am not one to back out of a challenge and I hope that the consultant psychiatrist will reduce the drugs a bit so that Elizabeth can take part in more active sports as these drugs are highly sedatory. 



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