Home is a 4 bed house on the outskirts of London. Her sister lives at home and we have a long term family friend as a lodger so there is always someone there with Elizabeth and she is not alone. We have lived at this house for years now since Elizabeth was a baby but the area has changed – not the same as I remember it being as a child years ago. I think the area has become more built up and not as nice as at one time. I have often thought of moving somewhere else lately and I did like Wales very much as an area but an area close to the sea, somewhere peaceful would perhaps be better for Elizabeth but having said all of this the care home was on a busy main road and in a more noisy location than home. Elizabeth never went out except when accompanied by staff but would know her way around the local area and I have given her a key. When Elizabeth asked to come home because she was being put under pressure by a member of staff at the care home and my later enquiries pointed to local social services, I did not hesitate for one minute. She has been away for years now but was having a bad reaction to the last drug and kept ending up in hospital and this all had a negative effect on her. Things have changed now and everyone in the house is pleased to see Elizabeth back and she has been getting on with everyone. Friends and neighbours are familiar with Elizabeth and she has a lot of support right now. I have made improvements to the house where we live right now and made a loft conversion and extended the kitchen. There is a garden which backs onto a river and it is peaceful. There are shops within walking distance and gyms – I have asked Elizabeth if she would like to join me for Zumba classes and she seemed interested and on her own accord she mentioned about joining a small local gym. The trainer there even said he could pick her up to take her. This week Elizabeth has been to Southend with her sister, hairdressers where they have done her hair nice with highlights, cinema and a very long walk with my father’s former carer who has known Elizabeth since a child. Elizabeth has stopped smoking as everyone was smoking at the care home in the garden. She is much improved in her appearance and I have got some of the recipe books down for Elizabeth to choose on a day to day basis what meals she would like to cook and prepare with me. Together yesterday we cooked a couple of meals for during the week as well as some very nice cakes. I would like Elizabeth to go out with people of her own age that are decent and responsible. I would like to her to be on the minimal therapeutic dose of medication as she has proven she can function even better on less. At the care home she was in bed at 6pm and asleep in the afternoon. She is only 27 and she was the youngest apart from just 1 other person there. At home she is up late and even manages to get up early in the morning. She is under no pressure or stress as some of the team think. Elizabeth is in fact doing well. She made her own breakfast, she cooked her own tea – yes she has capacity. She even reminded me of something the other day and remembers to feed the cat too. Elizabeth can manage and is not someone so helpless as the team would like to think. The main problem with Elizabeth has always been communication and speaking up. Ever since a young child she was always very quiet whereas I had the opposite with her sister. Elizabeth was immaculate in appearance and was doing well for herself. It is never too late for her to succeed in life and I as a mother now have a much greater understanding having read so many books on the subject. I would put past behaviour problems solely down to the drugs in that she is a poor metaboliser or cannot metabolise the drugs and this is why I am very much in favour of a National Metabolising Programme. This would save money to the NHS and I would like to take Elizabeth to have all these tests done by Professor Pirmohammed. We are all so happy to see more of Elizabeth and of course there is no need for the Lorazepam given by the care home as and when needed. Elizabeth has her cat which is more therapeutic than anything and I have gone out and bought some of the other drugs like Senna for instance in case of need. Tomorrow I am taking Elizabeth to a spa hopefully – somewhere relaxing.I hope that one day Elizabeth will have a home of her own. I do not mean by this a warden controlled home or one as part as a mental health scheme I mean a home of her own and I would like to buy such a home for her myself but she would need some support however I have seen her manage extremely well at home and I do not do everything for her.
At home Elizabeth is safe – so many possessions have gone missing before. Elizabeth


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