To the Manager of Social Services I have seen your note put through the letter box trying to carry out an assessment on my daughter whilst I am at work knowing full well that she has been deprived of the drug Clozapine thanks to your Department for over three days.  I do not wish any of you to drop notes in the letter box and there is someone with Elizabeth on a day to day basis.  No doubt you may have tried to knock at the door of the house but got no answer and you would be faced with friends who are looking after my daughter in any case and would not be allowed in to carry out your assessment and this would not count in the circumstances.  You last threatened court action if I did not return Elizabeth to the care home and I would like to know on what grounds especially when Elizabeth was most upset at being asked to choose between Mum and Dad.  Would you wish to go back to a care home if you were asked to choose between parents and be miles away from the family and cat.  I can quite understand her not wanting to go back there and it is not very professional behaviour on your part to now try and arrange an assessment at my the house whilst I am at work knowing that Elizabeth will need a solicitor present and you can be sure I have advice the solicitors with my daughter’s consent.  No assessment on your part would be considered fair at all without the opinion of a top consultant psychiatrist from the CEP as to how Elizabeth’s cognitive ability would be affected due to being without this chemical for nearly four days.  I see this as very underhand on your part and no doubt you knocked on the door first to try and gain entry to my home.   You need to contact the solicitors for a start and arrange this properly and also anything you need to contact me through the advocate at the local carers centre –  No assessment is fair in this manner-  you know that Elizabeth is weakened having been without the drug for so many days and you have tried to blame me for this when I have so many witnesses that I made every effort to get this drug.  I am not refusing for her to ever have an assessment but your idea of an assessment is totally beyond belief!  


I have written to my MP and Head of the Council to complain about this as an assessment must be done in a proper manner and why the hurry –  lets play fair shall we and say Elizabeth should be given time to adjust to the drug first and should be represented and not be alone with you.     I do not want to see any more notes put through the door or to h ear from those looking after Elizabeth that you have turned up at the house  –  this would never ever be considered to be a fair assessment on your part and would be every bit as bad as the nurse who tried to get Elizabeth to choose and this greatly upset her and I was not too impressed either quite frankly especially given everything I have had to put up with before.  This amounted to harassment when your department desperately tried to get rid of a caring mother –  she is looking better and feeling better since being at home with her pet cat and also on less drugs whereas she was being overdrugged at the care home and where is the £200 worth of things that have gone missing.  Now this is something that you can investigate j- the oils and the supplements that contained plenty of fish oils.


Your department have got involved in assessments delaying medical treatment and I am complaining about this.  Your department should not be delaying treatment such as the drug Clozapine although I have since heard that Risperidon is a better drug.  It is a good thing Elizabeth is at home as we care –  I am not the mother that your department portray me as but one who has researched the drugs thoroughly and just because I have challenged the team you want to get rid of me.  Well I have had good cause to challenge and I have to say I am quite knowledgeable now about the drugs but no one in your department can accuse me of depriving Elizabeth of the drug Clozapine when I was up at the hospital every day and even went to Harley Street as I know very well you cannot just come straight off these drugs.     

Not only was Elizabeth being over drugged at the care home but she was once again being coerced and enquiries made by solicitors led to your department. 

Now we can communicate through the advocate at the carers centre from now on.  I have complained about your note by the way,

It is a waste of money to take me to court yet again and a waste of money to put someone who is treatment resistant on the same level of drugs when it is better for her to be at the therapeutic dose of 100mg.   As a mother how would you feel if this is your daughter.  To you she is just a number – to me she is my daughter and I have every right to be concerned as to her treatment and want a fair assessment and fair treatment and what you are trying to do is not fair in my opinion. 





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