I have to wait in twice a day in order that nurses from Home Treatment Team visit.  They come about 10.00 – 1100 am in the morning and again at around 7.30 pm. 

Yesterday I had a nice day –  I went to Southend with my sister.  We went to the Adventure Island but this was shut and not open on a Monday.  Then we went to the beach – it was a very hot and sunny day and it was lovely to be out at the beach although I do not feel 100% right now due to having a headache and it was busy but I was OK.  We sat on deckchairs on the beach and we had fish and chips.  It is the first time I have been to the coast for ages and it made a nice change but then we had to rush back for the Home Treatment team and got stuck in lots of traffic..  My sister was panicking as she thought we would be late but we had not missed the home treatment team.

Today I have had a more restful day.  Lots of friends of the family are calling and staying with me and it is nice to see so much support.  Today a friend of the family helped take me to the hospital for blood test and then we went to the cinema.  We saw the film Godzilla.  Then Mum came home from work but again I was not alone. 

Right now I am relaxing with my cat and Mum says another friend of the family will be coming over tomorrow.   




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