Elizabeth spent the day at the hairdressers yesterday and looks much nicer now.  They had to spend a good part of the day stripping the horrible reddish mauvish colour out of her naturally blond hair. She now look much better  and also due to being outside in the garden she is starting to gain colour in her face too and has stopped smoking as she had recommenced at the care home where everyone goes outside in the garden to smoke.  Considering Elizabeth was deprived of the drug Clozapine for 3 days and then did not receive it until late on the fourth day I am amazed at her progress but a good explanation is that she is treatment resistant so this drug did not do anything for her anyway and in my opinion is a waste.  It is an expensive chemical to give and involves staff coming to the house twice a day.  They then do their report to social services and the kind of questions they are  “did you sleep well – did you have any nightmares and how are you feeling.  I made sure I passed a letter on which I want given to the consultant psychiatrist – another one as God knows what has happened to the last one.  Some of the nurses were scared of my lovely cat.  Maybe the consultant psychiatrist is afraid of this too.  Maybe that is why he has been changed to someone else.   Anyway I made it clear that now is not the time to do an assessment –  come on –  this is ridiculous when someone has been deprived of the chemicals for over three days it is never ever going to be a fair assessment.  I know this as a mother.  Anyway all their questioning is irritating for Elizabeth right now and why should she have to put up with this –  at the end of the day she has made it clear to so many people, neighbours, family etc she wants to be at home.  I am happy to have her at home and money is saved in this way to the taxpayer. 

Whilst I am at work this week I have made special arrangements. Elizabeth is becoming more confident since being at home – she has settled down and seems a lot happier. There were problems in the first instance but this was when Elizabeth took herself off 30mg of Cipralex in one go and another with the Aripraprazole. In all cases she was having the most serious side effects which were ignored and of course she suffered psychosis but then anyone would have in the circumstances. Now however things are different, despite being denied an assessment by local social services and without the drug Clozapine for over 3 days she has suffered no psychosis. Elizabeth is older now and has been on a cocktail of drugs leading up to this last resort drug. Not one of them work – she is only on 25mg atm but in the morning feels a bit rough. All the time the nursing staff are questioning Elizabeth and reporting back every word to social services to a department run by someone who is behind previous attempts to displace me with the excuse being that I would stop the drugs or encourage her to stop taking the drugs. I admit I do not like the drugs which have made Elizabeth decline physically but she has proved lately she can manage on a lot less and at the care home owned by Northampton Social Services a member of staff was coercing Elizabeth to the point she was so upset she did not want to return.

They want to do an immediate assessment. They wanted me out of the room so that they could do this in a weakened state without being on the drugs for over 3 days. Now I heard they are taking me to court. I have lodged a complaint about the Manager of this department and the social worker has been highly criticised in previous legal documents. Together this team is the same as has always been and when Elizabeth and I arrived at the hospital there were staff that appeared to be highly amused and smiling – it would seem none of the staff could care less about medical ethics or human rights. To deprive medication is in breach of Art 3 of the Human Rights Act. I cannot blame Elizabeth for not wanting to go back to a care home where staff were asking her to choose between Mum and Dad. I cannot blame her for not wanting to go back to a place miles away from family where they were drugging her to the hilt. £200 woth of possessions have gone missing and Cambian forwarded me the receipt stating they sent everything on to this care home where the consultant psychiatrist not once returned calls. This same team of “professionals” are behind each and every attempt to displace me and this is because they dislike me. They dislike me as I have complained about the many serious incidents that have happened under Enfield Mental Health which they tried to cover up. I took things through all the complaints procedures and whilst the result was “satisfactory” care by the Healthcare Commission how on earth can it be when two firms of solicitors cited this to be negligence however I was told she would not get legal aid.

Yesterday we went out for lunch and I went shopping to buy Elizabeth nutritious food. Elizabeth has also had her hair done and looks so much better and the hairdressers are picking her up to re-style her hair in accordance with her wishes. She has a key, I am going to give her money each day and friends – various friends are coming round to keep her company and take her out places etc. I am so grateful to them.

I am hoping since Elizabeth is doing so well she could be on a lower dosage of the drug Clozapine – she is bound to have some side effects having been deprived of the drug because social services did not turn up to do the assessment and the pharmacist the day before had to consult with the Manager of this department and told me a psychiatrist was not available or he could not get hold of one. That meant Elizabeth and I had to go and sit and wait for ages in the MH unit where eventually a psychiatrist and three other people turned up and he flatly refused to give the drug without an assessment. It was only when I said I would cite them individually that the social worker who has been highly criticised before finally offered to do an assessment. There are three main people within that department who are in breach of the human rights Act and it is not the first time that department have been behind breach of human rights. Anyway I have complaint about these three to just about everyone I could complain to within the Council and higher up.

They have no grounds to say Elizabeth is not safe, being cared for, in danger and I have enough witnesses to refute anything being said to the contrary and as to what her wishes are because there are lots of people involved apart from myself who are helping and I have a lot of support thanks to everyone.

An assessment of someone’s capacity should not be done until that person has adjusted having been deprived of the drugs and the Manager for which no doubt they will try and blame me.

I would say that I have never been bullied to such an extent in my life by a department who funded by the taxpayer should be working with the family and have failed to do so. However now there is no need for them to be involved at all hence a saving to the public. Elizabeth is recovering greatly since being home. It is therapeutic having her cat there and surrounded by family. She can lay in the garden and rest and there are people who care around her and she is protected. She is not pulled in two directions between mother and father like this care home were doing. How can this be beneficial in her getting well when she is told “who do you want mother or father as next of kin” – these words were repeated to me and Elizabeth said “its not fair Mum – I don’t want to go back as they are trying to get me to choose between you and my Dad”. This is why I did not return her as I had also been told “we are not speaking to you – we are only dealing with Mr B. You are no longer the next of kin.” Very nasty and with all the drugging they were doing which Elizabeth admitted had increased it is easy to brainwash and get someone to say whatever they like at a given moment but nothing is accurate and considering the past record where contact has been denied etc Court Action attempted at public expense more than once – now yet again more public funding wasted – what a mess when they should be concentrating on cases where there is risk/danger to that person and not on my daughter Elizabeth who is happy to be at home and has told neighbours, friends and the whole family of this who were not too happy when they saw the drugs chart of this home.


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