We have to wait in every day twice a day whilst the Home Treatment Team come and visit putting Elizabeth back on the drugs again. I have requested that Elizabeth is on 100mg only and have been told this is the therapeutic dose. I was horrified at the long list of drugs given at the care home and when Elizabeth said she didn’t want to go back I listened. It is a pity the team do not listen half the time. Just to reassure you all Elizabeth is fine and I don’t mind anyone checking on this. It is not really necessary because the Home Treatment Team are doing this and reporting everything back to social services.
I have passed on to them a letter and the letter reads:


When you are raising the drug Clozapine please bear in mind that the therapeutic dose is 100mg and my daughter was on far too much of this chemical. It is not wonder she had to sleep in the afternoon and go to bed early. She is 27 and has no life and I want this reduced to 100mg.

Then after this I have heard that Risperidon is a better drug and a 5 -HT receptor and I am currently writing to my solicitors in this respect.

It will be a saving of money to the NHS not to put her on a huge dosage of Clozapine and gradually titrate down to the Risperidon. I shall be happy as a mother if you do this as my daughter is treatment resistant and I am waiting for an appointment to see Professor Pirmohammed. These drugs you should be checking on metabolism and treatment resistant = poor or bad metabolism so there is no point in you putting her on such a high dosage. She has managed fine without any drugs for the past 3 days and I know you cannot just come off them but the lower dose the better and it is not recommended for PTSD and I have checked the NICE Guidelines for this – that is the new diagnosis and she should have intensive Trauma Therapy and be referred to Prof Roderick Orner in this respect. Please can you make a referral so that she can have the correct treatment for the new diagnosis.

You do not agree with the Risperidon but I do not agree with you because I am told this is a far better drug and you are wasting NHS money. I wish something to be done about this.

Kind regards


After Home Treatment Team arrived Elizabeth and I went to Makros and got some lovely garden chairs and she can now sit outside in the fresh air.

We had lunch out and then Elizabeth and I went to Sainsburys and bought some shopping and then I did some cooking for tomorrow..

On the way to Sainsburys Elizabeth chatted to my new next door neighbour and I proudly introduced Elizabeth to him and Elizabeth j ust came out and said “I want to be at home” – Elizabeth is here with me now and says “its not fair Mum”. Nothing is fair in this country and that is why I am writing my blog so that everyone can learn about what is unfair – the kind of thing you do see in the press – HONESTY.

In no time it was time for the Home Treatment Team to turn up again and give yet another account to the social services who are now taking me to court. Is this going to be a secret court? Well I am making it unsecret by telling everyone what they are about to do as I believe in openness and honesty and would like to see OPEN DIALOGUE. All I want is a lower dosage of the drugs and they even got involved in pushing drugs themselves and now they are involved in determining whether someone can be delayed their drugs. Everyone was smiling at me at the hospital. They were either amused at me or else perhaps they thought “she deserves what she has coming”. Only God can decide this but I want everyone to know that I am very happy right now, Elizabeth is content and so is her cat.


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