Elizabeth told me she was upset by a member of staff and was not happy at the care home. I was told “we are not speaking to you any more only Mr Bevis”. I have been complaining about the overprescribing of drugs. The essential drugs of Clozapine Bisoprolol and Senna have all been denied to my daughter despite a prescription from her GP. I got the feeling that everyone was smiling there at the hospital – in fact I questioned why. I saw the same old faces back on the wards and Elizabeth now has the chance to come home and she is stable. However if denied these drugs likes she is being denied them then she could become ill and this is wrong that a team should all gang up and behind all of this is the social services and I have received no end of bullying from them. The Manager most of the staff have been around for years. Same old team who stick together and I have had good cause to complain, most of the things are too shocking to put on my blog and I thought there would be better care away from this area but have been proven wrong. If the care is funded locally then there is great interest from social services and they have great control. Social Services have also been involved in trying to push Clozapine at my daughter. They are not doctors and an experienced consultant psychiatrist wrote a report to say she has a different diagnosis all of which has been ignored by social services and the team. They are not medical experts and know nothing whatsoever about the drugs concerned. It is bullying when they exclude you. I have legal papers to point to the fact they tried on more than one occasion to take me to court. They accuse me of encouraging her to stop taking the drugs and that is a complete lie. The drugs are given for a so called diagnosis of paranoid Schizophrenia treatment resistant. There is no bio marker for Schizophrenia – there is no such thing as treatment resistant as this means poor or non metaboliser. There are no test to determine whether someone can metabolize the drugs or not so a patient may never ever get better because they are prescribed drugs that are not doing them any good. I have stood up to them as they were giving Metformine 500mg a day on top of Clozapine which is contra indicated and the GP took her off immediately – now Elizabeth has told me she is on far more drugs than she has ever been on before since coming to the care home and that is one reason I don’t want her to go back there and the fact I know that social services are trying to influence her about her father being the nearest relative however she is free – she is not on a CTO or section and should not be forced to go back when that is what they obviously intend to do because neither myself or her father are nearest relatives whilst she is not on a section. I do not want my daughter sectioned again and I thoroughly support her in her wish to come home. I want everyone to know her solicitor called mine a Dick Head. I want everyone to know we were excluded for the most part from the Tribunal and I did not have the support of the independent doctor there and have a wonderful report which is every bit true and recommends intensive trauma therapy and NOT CLOZAPINE. However I am well aware you cannot just come off these drugs. I am well aware of this and would not stop them myself. Now I am up against a brick wall. I know that the Manager of social services has been contacted. I know the pharmacist has been on to that department. I was originally happy as my daughter was happy with the care home but now I want a full investigation. £200 worth of possessions have gone missing between Cambian and the care home. I have contacted the CQC who can only look at records so they tell me and are not interested in individual cases. This is absolute bullying when no one is cooperating and especially as far as duty of care is concerned I am more than happy to name the hospital and the entire social services team in line with proof of paperwork unless I get these drugs which are much needed tomorrow. Elizabeth is content and happy at home and has her pet cat. Not once has she needed the extra drugs given lunch time. The nurse has also been saying that she looked stressed when she came back to them and that is why the extra drugs were being prescribed.

This is not a nice situation but it is important that is drawn to the attention of everyone and every politician so that things can be improved and especially when someone’s life is at stake and no one could care less. They are deliberately withholding the drugs and it has not been 48 hrs like the young psychiatrist – I have his name and everyone else suggested and I have witnesses – I would like matters to go to court. My daughter’s solicitor has already confirmed that discussions were in hand and the discussions were not on the lines of physical health concerns but if they were questioning displacement of me as the nearest relative and she is not sectioned right now then it is obvious to me that they could end up sectioning her again in order to control. If someone is not on a Section or CTO then they should not be bullied into going back where they could end up being coerced by members of staff when they h ave expressed a desire to come home. Neither should someone be deprived of seeing a report by a prominent psychiatrist of many years experience and denied the chance of new treatment in line with new diagnosis and I have looked up NICE Guidelines to check on this.


This kind of bullying with someone’s life and human rights at risk should not go on in a civilised country and now I am going to post this to every politician to deal with as the complaints procedures are failing so many as is the care.


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