I was just out driving with Elizabeth when the phone rang and I pulled over to take the call and it was the Manager of the care home who apparently was on a course all day today.  He had been approached by the Emergency Duty Social Worker today and the social worker did as promised and had a word with him.   The Manager of the care home is in complete denial of the fact that a member of his staff approached Elizabeth and suggested she replace myself as mother with her father as the nearest relative.  Elizabeth has complained that pressure has been put upon her and I think this is appalling.   There is no way that Elizabeth would lie about this and has mentioned the name of the nurse hence I feel uncomfortable about her returning to the care home as she could be faced with problems and who knows what goes on behind closed doors.  Prior to all this I was reasonably happy until I saw the drugs charts and there was much more on there than just the Clozapine 350mg.  The Clozapine I realise cannot be stopped  so I have done my best to try and resolve the situation and have spent a good deal of my time today on the phone to social services and the care home/crisis team.  The Crisis Team could not help – they  referred me to the care home and I was prepared to drive down there which would take four hours in total and I would have gone all that way for nothing if the drugs were refused. I told the duty social worker that I wanted assurance that the nurse would release the drugs.  The Manager of the care home would have the powers to do this. However I have just spoken to the manager  and he has flatly refused to release the Clozapine.  He totally denied that a member of his staff had been talking to my daughter about  displacement of myself as nearest relative with her father.  He said he didn’t know I was the nearest relative and that Cambian had recorded that I was not and this conversation was witnessed.  If the files are not read properly or recorded properly then this is a very dangerous situation. Anyway I could not argue with him as he was not going to budge on the subject. The bottom line is that no way would he be giving my daughter the Clozapine she needs for the evening and Monday  morning medication.  This is bad and the crisis team told me they could not get hold of this drug and therefore referred me back to the care home.

All of this shows unreasonable behaviour by the team and not me as I am willing to drive 4 hours to collect the Clozapine but I am not happy about my daughter going back to this home where they have been questioning her in such a way and putting pressure on her and Elizabeth has told the family she is not happy but she is worried for me that I will get into trouble.   The care home manager said that he had no problem  if she did not want to go back there but he did have a problem in releasing the Clozapine.   The solicitors who telephoned the care home said he was not giving out any information/being helpful  – however the solicitors are acting in my daughter’s interests here and eventually he was in contact with social services themselves and had been pointed in the right direction.   I am not asking for a whole large batch of drugs – the essential ones of course are Clozapine and  this is a very unsatisfactory situation.  I cannot think of a mother who would wish to take her son/daughter back to somewhere where you are told on the phone you are not the next of kin and her father is now the next of kin and hearing from my daughter that  a nurse under the home has approached her to ask about replacement of me with her father.  All of this of course was denied by the manager of the care home who tried to make it look like a misunderstanding –  I have weighed up the situation very carefully and it is a very real situation indeed.  I recognised the name of the person I spoke to today from the emergency social services as being someone I had met once before but he did not remember me.  Well I have a good memory and I can even remember what this person looked like and where I met him.  There is no way on earth I have got anything wrong at all.  The pressure on my daughter to go along with suggestions put to her could affect her health and make her stressed out.  I cannot take that risk by returning her on Sunday like I promised but then she is not on a section or CTO – she is complying with the drugs and is not aggressive or risk to herself or others – nothing like this at all.

If I was to take Elizabeth back and leave her there I would feel very uncomfortable as a member of staff has been named by her.  I will do my best tomorrow without help from the Crisis Team or anyone of these emergency staff to ensure that my daughter does receive the drug she has to take on Sunday evening thereafter.




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