Today I had hoped to take Elizabeth out somewhere nice but the weather has been so bad.  Elizabeth has been tired today and asleep and has had plenty of rest.  I have been up bright and early as I had shopping to do and I needed to buy some new clothes for Elizabeth as she has put on quite a bit of weight due to the drugs.  She has an enormous appetite like never before.   Anyway after the dramas of yesterday it has been peaceful today and I have had to ring again the emergency social services and they suggested I ring the Crisis Team which I did as I know I will need a further supply of Clozapine.  I also phoned the care home and was told the Manager was on a course and a message had been left for the manager to contact me.  After speaking to the Crisis Team they suggested I phone the care home as they could not help me with the Clozapine.  They suggested the care home send a supply of Clozapine to me but that was refused and I said she needed some for Sunday.  In response the care home told me I had to contact the Manager on Monday – well what good is this!  I then had to ring the emergency social services again and they also referred me to the care home and told me to go down and pick up the drugs.  Well I then said to the duty social worker that I could be driving for 4 hrs or more all the way there for nothing if this nurse who was put in charge refused to release the drugs and then that would be a waste of time so he did in the end after I had pointed this fact out telephone the care home and said he would get back to me once he had heard from the Manager who has to give this consent.  I do not know what I am going to do if I do not get a call back as I am not prepared to drive for miles on end to be told by whoever is in charge that I cannot have the supply of drugs at all.  I need this confirmed first and I have done everything properly and everything as the emergency social services suggested to me.

I am amazed that it is so difficult to get this drug and I know that this is needed for Elizabeth –  she has not needed any extra drugs since staying with me and she has had a relaxing time staying with me.   If I had not received such an approach stating ” were are not speaking to you – you are no longer the next of kin”  I probably would have taken her back.  However I am very pleased that I checked everything out as there seems to be a lot going on behind my back right now.

I would like to see Open Dialogue in the UK as I believe this is the way forward –  it is wrong to use a vulnerable person putting pressure on them in such a way that I as nearest relative will be displaced when I am not refusing the drugs – my complaint is hearing what I heard yesterday and the extra drugs on top of what I thought was the only prescribed drug – Clozapine – in other words I am concerned they are over-medicating my daughter and have already been told that the 350mg of Clozapine is rather high.  It is not doing her any good if she is in bed so early and having to sleep in the afternoons and I don’t see anything therapeutic in this drug whatsoever – however I do not mention this to Elizabeth so there is no excuse for anyone in the team to say that I am encouraging her to stop taking the drugs or putting words in her head.  It is not me who is putting words in her head that is for sure.  I am the one who is concerned about physical health whereas others are not.  I am the one who wanted the Endocrinologist appointment and P450 Cytochrome tests and I hope that by speaking openly and honestly about this something will be done to ensure improvements for everyone.  I have plenty of patience in dealing with this kind of thing – although I wish I had more time but there is expertise in this country and there are good professionals – you only have to look at the CEP (Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry).



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