With Elizabeth’s care shrouded in secrecy since leaving the Bethlem and then being transferred to Cambian under Section 3 it has been hard to see what is going on under those circumstances but the truth always comes out in the end.  When you are only allowed 1 day and 1 night to share amongst the family and most of that time was spent travelling from Wales.  Never before have we as a family been allowed to have Elizabeth for a week like at Easter but that is when you see what is being dished out.

As you know I got 500mg a day taken off (Metformin) as the GP could see no reason why this was ever prescribed.  It was prescribed alongside Clozapine which is contra indicated.   I felt so happy as the least drugs the better as far as I am concerned as I know what damage this is all doing to Elizabeth.  However when I looked at the drugs chart given with the medication brought home there were others mentioned ie Bisoprolol which is a Beta Blocker used to treat hypertension.  I can only assume Elizabeth has high blood pressure or heart problems now associated with taking Clozapine.    Anyway I looked up this additional drug which was not included with the drugs sent home for her to take  –  “stopping suddenly may make your condition worse or cause other serious heart problems”  “Bisoprolol can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions.”   

Tell your healthcare provider:

If you have asthma, bronchitis, emphysema

With diabetes – “Bisoprolol makes it harder for you to tell when you have low blood sugar

Thyroid Disorder/liver/kidney disease.

Also Raynaud’s syndrome which I am concerned about because Elizabeth was ice cold with her hands on a hot sunnyday.


It gives a list of other drugs that can affect Bisoprolol etc. – even vitamins

I am most concerned about this other list of drugs that the team are giving to Elizabeth which also includes Senna as of course Clozapine is a drug that can cause constipation and just take a look at Northampton Hospital as an example there where professionals do not give proper case leading to death.

I have also seen Lorazepam and Paracetamol prescribed so every time Elizabeth mentions she feels stressed or has a headache the staff dish out more and more drugs.

Anyway I have sought advice and Clozapine is contra indicated in heart disease for a start and Senna is often concomitantly prescribed with high doses of Clozapine (Page 222 BNF 60) and 350 mg is high.  Also I have been told it is strange that PRN Lorazepam is being used with such a high dose.  If 350mg is not controlling the agitation then it would make more sense to titrate Clozapine down and it has been suggested about titrating up with Risperidone which is another 5-HT antagonist.   I can see that the Clozapine is not doing Elizabeth any good at all.


I am appalled that I am having to ask about the whereabouts of the supplements which have disappeared into thin air alongside the oils from Dr Tracy.  The truth always comes out in the end and I will check thoroughly when I am next down as I am waiting for a response in writing – whilst £200 is not a huge amount of money I would like to know where these are – it is the principal.  This is why I am not happy at being requested by Elizabeth to provide more fish oil when these things have disappeared that I originally provided.  The GP should provide them instead of all the poisonous drugs she is on now.   I have been advised not to use some supplements which are interactive and toxic and that I should check the formularly and never to use St John’s Wort or any other herbal treatments as they are as dangerous as the pharma manufactured treatments.   Well I need to watch that the team do not plrescribe any other anti-pscyhotics as this drug Bisoprolol should be used with caution where other anti-psychotics are prescribed.  Just about all the D2 (Dopamine) antagonist drugs are associated with cardiac ventricular arrhythmias

Anyway I am not happy that all these drugs are given to my daughter and they are causing her to have side effects.

Because of my concerns the team are calling a meeting and I wonder if the family will be included as this has not been the case in the past.

The new Consultant Psychiatrist has failed to ring me despite my requests and I have made it clear I am far from happy.  It is not the care home or the staff or activities it is the treatment.  What kind of treatment is this when someone is treatment resistant and can remember everything for a start but worse of all is the treatment called ECT where people lose happy memories and this is forced upon patients under Section.   It is barbaric what is going on in the UK.


I am in favour of the research in metabolism as if is proven that someone cannot metabolise the drugs and they are doing more harm than good the this will lead the way for someone to be reduced off these drugs and unlike at present decent facilities provided for when things go wrong as in the case of Elizabeth as NONE of these mind altering drugs have worked.   For Elizabeth’s condition of PTSD (or underlying endocrinal disorder the drugs are ineffective and a waste of taxpayer’s money.  As you can see there is no end of drugs available for Elizabeth to take yet someone may need a life-saving drug for a physical condition and are denied this –  why not stop pushing the drugs at my daughter and then there will be more money available for those who genuinely need these life saving drugs – better as none of these drugs have worked for Elizabeth and the NHS would save a fortune by not pushing drug are drug at psychiatric patients when all along they could have a physical problem instead.  No wonder they do not get better and they could be doing more harm than good.   For example Clozapine given to refractive patients is a weak dopamine receptor antagonist meaning the symptoms cannot be linked to excessive dopamine in the brain.    Clozapine inhibits 5-HT serotonin, muscarinic, histamine and alpha-adreno-receptors.  I have received some very good advice about this which I have posted already. 

I am waiting to hear about this meeting right now.   I would be prepared to take Elizabeth abroad to get decent care and have proper assessments – this is where the money should be spent so that people like Elizabeth can get the correct treatment, not just a catalogue of psychiatric drugs. 












  1. I am saddened by your blog and angry. I have been through similar, so very very similar to your daughter and so I had to write and let you know my experiences and offer the chance for you to contact me. my experiences may well help you and your daughter. I was on lots and lots of medications. I was very ill physically and mentally from the drugs I was given. I had heart murmurs and high blood pressure, was diabetic and had IBS. I was so ill it nearly killed me and was resuscitated twice. I was in and out of hospital and put in a residential unit. I am now not on any medication/psychiatric drugs. I am no longer diabetic, my blood pressure is normal. I was very lucky to find a partner who has experience in emotional health, nutrition and mood management. I had a farther who was supportive of me making my own decisions and who knew what the system was like. I now work with other doctors/professionals and share my experiences with others when I can. I cannot say I am a 100% well because I still have damage from the drugs I was given but I am well, living independently and free from psychiatric services. I have my life back. It wasn’t easy but it is possible. If you want to email me I am happy to chat on the phone or meet up. I want to help others avoid the pit falls I went through and if I can help I will.

    • Thank you so much for your reassuring comments. It is awful as a mother to watch from a distance and see someone go downhill and know that nothing will be done. The care home is not the place to carry out any titration or change in treatment. It is also good for the team to keep someone drugged up as it is easier for them and I am horrified to hear that many do not have the knowledge of the full workings of the drugs and there are no facilities for someone to go in to be reduced off drugs – apparently this is only done when someone has a serious blood disorder and in a shocking way. I would like to meet you and I am sure so would the other mothers who I am in touch with too – I am not alone and some have had sons/daughters on sections for many many years so weakened by a system rotten to the core that they cannot face the ordeal of Tribunals or else are just written off like rubbish in a society that is cruel and uncivilised. In a country that gives so much power to psychiatrists and social services where patients and families are treated like dirt. I meet with other mothers who want an alternative care centre set up offering proper assessments and I meet with former patients who have given me so much support and that is despite having had the most shocking experiences themselves. I am so pleased that you work with doctors and professionals sharing your experience which should be very educational. Having had 3 people drugged in my family I feel very strongly that the system should change as this kind of treatment does not work. I will write to you personally – I hope we can meet if possible.

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