Endocrine Function

PITUITARY FUNCTIONI can identify with some of this article: the struggle to get the correct treatment – the damage that can be done to health if not getting the right treatment – the symptoms – Elizabeth has described some of these and over the weekend on a bright sunny day she was sitting in the garden with a thick coat and jumper and her hands freezing cold. I feel Elizabeth’s health is deteriorating and am trying to get the team to take notice of this. I have been looking up what tests should be done in terms of assessments and have had to go right to the top to get advice from Professors. I admire the strength of Christine – it should not be like this that you have to fight and struggle to get assessments etc. There should be proper assessments given for everyone before labelling a patient with a psychiatric condition when all along they could be physically ill. Before giving psychiatric drugs there should be tests to see if someone can metabolize them. There is no consideration for someone’s physical health whatsoever and this has a wider outcome – a strain to hospital resources – a waste of money to the taxpayer as patients become ill with serious long term health conditions. I would like to see change in this system as a mother who has had more than one person affected in my family and seen what damage these drugs have done to my elder daughter and to others.

“It is an anecdotal case study and not a proper scientific paper. Hypothyroidism following brain injury is fully understood and detectable via observation on a number of endocrine pathways and pituitary dysfunction is one of the conditions I examined over a six year research programme on hormonal markers in cancer. You would be better off not frightening yourself by reading this stuff, it is of little value. Hyperthyroid states may cause symptoms similar to mania and physical signs of elevated thyroid hormones can be detected in the blood. Hyperthoroidism is associated with excessive activity, emotional instability, difficulty in interpersonal relationships due to irritability, excitability, impatience and liability to explosive rage. In predisposed subjects a schizophreniform picture may occur of short duration.

Classic schizophrenia is thought to be linked to dopamine which is why most anti-psychotic medications are dopamine receptor antagonists. The condition that biopsychs call ‘treatment refractive schizophrenia’ is probably not related to schizophrenia at all. They are using that somewhat all encompassing term because the refractive patient presents with signs similar to classic schizophrenia. This type of psychotic behaviour is common to many psychiatric states and occurs similarly in toxic states. A startling clue to the two conditions being unrelated is that Clozapine, given to refractive patients is a weak dopamine receptor antagonist meaning the symptoms cannot be liked to excessive dopamine in the brain. Clozapine inhibits 5-HT serotonin, muscarinic, histamine and most interestingly alpha-adreno-receptors. This links this condition irrefutable with endocrine dysfunction. It is because the drug companies have refused to accept this that thousands of patients have been forcibly drugged with medications directed at dopamine receptors when there was never anything wrong with that neurotransmission pathway. Millions of patients in the last 30 years have suffered the most severe extrapyramidal side effects because the anti-dopaminergic effect of these drugs has severely and irreversibly damaged their nervous systems and neurotransmission.

If patients have defective pituitary glands the entire endocrine system will be affected, parathyroid lesions also present in florid psychosis. So many of these medics do not even know this that it beggars belief. Any scientist studying the effect of iatrogenic injury to the nervous system will be familiar with this. I spent years looking at iatrogenic transmission of degenerative brain disorders via contaminated human growth hormone, a product of the pituitary gland and the effect that calcitonin has on the increase in cell motility in solid tumour metastasis. It took me a long time to get anywhere near an understanding of these processes and I know that many doctors have no idea of how this works.

Pass on this info to as many as you think may be able to use it, as ever. You never know, you may be able to get someone to listen to it one day.



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