At first I thought this title which is recognised by the current team was ridiculous – I thought that “treatment resistant” = failure. I have since been reading up on this and have looked further as I do not accept this diagnosis and I am correct not to. There is no such thing as “treatment resistant” – it is all about the patient’s ability to metabolise the drug and I have been looking at Metabolic Monitoring for Patients on Anti-Psychotics Medications and also I would like the necessary tests done on Elizabeth regarding P450 cytochromes – as I have learned that many who suffer from psychiatric symptoms are most likely victims of injury not of disease and I believe that to be the case with Elizabeth and yet this has been dismissed by doctors and psychiatrists responsible for her care. When I have requested such tests the GPs do not know anything about this and I have not yet spoken with the new consultant psychiatrist. What on earth is going on when such important tests are not readily available to everyone? The fact is there is no biological marker for schizophrenia and it is therefore impossible to say it is “treatment resistant”. If my daughter is being given drugs when she is treatment resistant my fears are for her physical health and I now want further investigations and have had to look for more specialised care than what is currently available for the majority. The Government should be doing something about this as a matter of urgency.

I would just like to add that metabolite testing into routine medical practice not only would save money on drugs could ensure a patient has the correct treatment in line with their physical health instead of continuing with a drug treatment that could do more harm than good. Ultimately this would save money to the taxpayer as the wrong treatment could lead to serious long term health problems that could otherwise be addressed.

It is wrong that doctors continue to drug patients who have no clue as to how the drugs are affect the patient physiologically.

Patient’s lives are being put at risk whilst drug companies profit and this fact does not just apply to those with MH problems either. Something needs to be done about this situation.


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