Tomorrow I shall be driving to see my daughter and am pleased it is not so far to go now as before. The surrounding area where Elizabeth is very nice and I hope to take her out to a very nice place nearby as she likes animals.

I am hoping to see the GP but I am not sure the consultant psychiatrist is around – hoping the new psychiatrist is just like Dr Moncrieff. I will mention about the training for Dr Walsh and programme that Elizabeth is keen to take part in. That is why I had the private tests done for when Dr Walsh comes over and he is keen to carry out training for doctors which I am all in favour of so that Elizabeth gets the correct care – minimal drugs, holistic care and of course thorough assessments. The current treatment is not correct as I have already looked up NICE Guidelines in this respect.

When people say it takes time to make changes I know changes can be made immediately when things go drastically wrong – my biggest hope is the CEP. It would help if the press was to report things properly so that people are aware of what is needed in terms of change. I am not criticising every professional but I am criticising a system that needs urgent change. One of the main problems is failure to diagnose properly in the first instance and no proper assessments given to look for underlying physical causes and so it is not helpful to have early referrals if the care is wrong like it is at present as half the tests are not available through the NHS and without these tests there is a danger of patients being misdiagnosed. I see no mention for Clozapine in NICE Guidelines as treatment for Elizabeth’s condition of PTSD and I am informed that CBT is the correct treatment so this is something that needs to be changed for a start. The GP is responsible for Elizabeth’s health and I am still left wondering about the Metformin – I cannot believe a leading worldwide hospital has given these two drugs wrongly and Elizabeth has been on them for no reason for the past three years. Certain physical conditions can be mistaken for Schizophrenia and I suspect that such mistakes have been made in Elizabeth’s care. Instead of a thorough assessment to check on this or even to question whether the diagnosis is correct nothing has been done.

Anyway I am very happy that I am currently on holiday and looking forward to seeing Elizabeth and I have given thought to what I should do to ensure that Elizabeth does have the correct treatment especially if it is discovered there is an underlying condition/s. I will be discussing physical health with the new GP hopefully tomorrow.


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