Elizabeth has settled well into the care home and I believe has made some new friends there.  I spoke to Elizabeth briefly the other day and she says she is happy however if Elizabeth said she was unhappy I would pop down there immediately to collect.  Elizabeth’s happiness comes before what any social worker or team member may think as far as I am concerned.    I did not have a long conversation with her so I do not know what activities she does on a day to day basis however I spoke briefly with a member of staff.  The staff seem nice there but I was  sad to hear that Elizabeth is often in bed by 6.00 pm –  this is not natural and not the kind of life that my daughter should be having at her age.   Going to bed so early in the evenings has  meant she has missed seeing the Consultant Psychiatrist.

I am hoping to visit her this weekend for the first time.   Unlike Wales I should be able to drive there and back in one day so at least that is better.

Mothers Day is next weekend and it will be nice to spend that time with both daughters and whilst I am there I hope that the prescription by the private psychiatrist of the supplements has not gone astray or the oils from Dr Ann Blake Tracy.  I shall be checking on these as last time I wanted to know where those supplements are.  These are for Dr Walsh when he comes over and I do not want these to go astray.

I doubt I shall get to see the Consultant Psychiatrist as this will be at a weekend but I do wish to discuss important aspects as regards the treatment for Elizabeth’s new diagnosis of PTSD that the team seem to wish to ignore and I as a mother am questioning why some of these team members wish to ignore a diagnosis from a psychiatrist of many years experience.   I have read quite a bit on the diagnosis the team state of Schizophrenia and have obtained expert opinion.  I do not accept such a diagnosis and never have done as there has been no scientific proof forthcoming.  How accurate are such labels in that case?  Schizophrenia is a value judgement and after 100 years not one medic/scientific experiment has been able to identify a marker and even after over 30 years of genetics and to this day are still no closer to finding it.    I would conclude there is NOTHING TO FIND.

Psychiatry is based on belief systems (theories) not on science and some of these psychiatrists do not budge on a diagnosis even when confronted with mountains of evidence however I as a mother am not going to have a wonderful report dismissed by anyone and the new diagnosis which my daughter has a right to know is now PTSD.   What is more I intend to make sure that the correct treatment is in place no matter what especially as I believe that for the first time this may be correct and underneath everything could be a physical problem not addressed and that issue I shall take up with the GP.   I would wish my daughter to have proper tests done not available on the NHS that rely on science/knowledge of physiology and biochemistry – I want accurate tests done in order that the correct treatment can be given.   These tests should be available to everyone.  PTSD is a major contributor to what is often mislabelled as diseases and many suffering psychiatric symptoms are in fact victims of injury, not disease.  I am far from happy with the drugging of my “treatment resistant” daughter who has had concomitant drug interventions.   It is a scientific fact that if she does not have the necessary P450 cytochromes her ability to metabolise the drugs  would have been adversely affected by such concomitant drug interventions.


This week has not been good for me as I have been ill which is very rare in my case.  I have been so disappointed to miss out on “The Last Asylum” at Queen Mary University.   Then there was a dinner booked to go on with the local carers group.  I hope to go to the INTAR Conference in Liverpool and then the Psychosis course which is on a Saturday.  I have also been told of some good Open Dialogue courses coming up.

Chy Sawel now has a Facebook page and eventually news can be displayed on this page of any forthcoming events.

I shall write next time about my visit to see Elizabeth at the care home. 












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