I have not been to see my daughter Elizabeth since she has moved away from Wales.  However the rest of the family have been to see her.  They had to help Elizabeth sort out so many clothes that no longer fit her.  The drugs cause weight gain and she had according to her sister accumulated so much in the way of clothes that are no good any more. 

I myself have been away this weekend but hope to go and see her at the end of the month.  It is not so easy when the team place someone a fair distance from home and the conditions of Elizabeth’s release is that of course she remains under the care system and is not allowed to come home to live despite the fact she said this is what she wanted. I think the idea is to distance that person from the family making control of that person easier. I have every right to be concerned about Elizabeth’s treatment as for a start 500mg Metformine a day was given unnecessarily by ongoing teams, the initial prescription had come from the Bethlem. Noone stopped to question the fact these are contra indicated drugs so therefore no one cares about Elizabeth’s physical health and the drug Metformine was given for about 3 years prior but then what can you do as a parent when a team play on capacity and state all of sudden that the person you care for does not want you to see the files or have involvement in medical care. This was in stark contrast to when Elizabeth went into the Bethlem and had signed an Advanced Declaraton and said she did not want to be experimented on and also giving consent for the whole family to be involved and see the files. This is how the team play on capacity – the last thing they want is for you as a parent to see what they are doing with the drugs and I have attached a link of a good example on shocking care in the UK. This is the reality of the Bethlem. I admit that the area where I live is not the best for Elizabeth’s recovery and she needs to be in a more quiet and peaceful area but having seen what has happened to my vulnerable daughter in past care I am extremely concerned.  I have been thinking of moving out from London.  I am no longer happy here but I have a job in London and the problem is that there are other people at home who like living in London so it is like a trapped situation but I would have Elizabeth home and contrary to what the team say that I wanted this, at the time something very bad had happened to Elizabeth but no way did I expect such shocking care and truly thought that this worldwide renowned hospital would give my daughter the drug free period of assessment that had been denied to her locally because they do not have the facility on the local ward. This could not have been further from the truth. I even have a letter offering the drug free period of assessment but no sooner had Elizabeth arrived the team set about pushing the drug Clozapine “its all about Clozapine here you should have done your research”. Not once was my daughter referred to an Endocrinologist to see if there was any underlying health problem.

This weekend I have been away to a very nice and peaceful area. The best place for Elizabeth to get better would be somewhere like a coastal area where it is peaceful and can offer a more healthy lifestyle.   I certainly do not have a healthy lifestyle in London and a job is essential in order to keep things running.  

Elizabeth is drugged up on highly sedatory Clozapine thanks to the awful care she received at the National Psychosis Unit.

This is one example of the kind of care on offer there allowed to go on in the UK. 

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