I have been busy since I got home letting people know about the meeting to be held in London.

I have had so much information lately and am certain that Elizabeth could well have been misdiagnosed.  I will write more about this later on but for now I wish to reply to a message that Martin L. sent me. 

I did not post it on my blog as it contained personal details however I sympathise –  Martin wanted to know how he could complain about his psychiatrist who he was far from happy with.    I can honestly say that I am very sympathetic but my answer to this is going to disappoint him as I would say that psychiatrists are a law unto themselves and the law protects them.  Unfortunately whenever I have complained I have got nowhere and even when the Chief Executive said Excellent – he was forced just to say “satisfactory” instead.  Well it was not even satisfactory in my opinion.  It is unfortunately true that you rarely get anywhere with the complaints system and the law is certainly not protecting the weak and vulnerable.


I am sorry to  hear Martin of your mother – the most encouraging thing I can say is that I heard from April you can choose a psychiatrist.  I am not just looking for the best psychiatrist for my daughter like Dr Moncrieff or someone from the Critical Psychiatry movement but I want a proper assessment.  I am most concerned about the misdiagnosis of my daughter especially now I have read of endocrinal disorders and that PTSD can be associated with this.  In the very near future I hope to have necessary tests done for Elizabeth to see if there is an endocrinal disorder  –  all this time I would not be surprised if she has been completely misdiagnosed.  I wonder how many others could be affected as well.

So, Martin it is not much longer to wait now until April when you can find a decent psychiatrist somewhere.  Please let me know where as I need a decent psychiatrist for my daughter.

I am very thankful to some of my new contacts on Twitter and enjoyed listening to the radio station broadcast.    Thank you so much Lorraine for sending me all this interesting information and I hope that we can meet at the forthcoming meeting and that you can make the date I sent you.


Thank you also Will for your kind comments.  This makes me all the more determined to succeed. 






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