Dr Ann Blake Tracy has some very interesting articles on her website and this is one title I had been recommended to read in “Atlantic Monthly”

When I told Dr Ann Blake Tracy what they were doing at the Bethlem mixing Olanzapine with Quetiapine she said “switching someone from Coca Cola to Pepsi Cola hardly gets rid of any Cola problem does it?  – how very right she is.  She also said “But what they do know if they begin switching meds she will become out of control thus giving them more control via sanctions – it is a sick game they play”  Dr Ann Blake Tracy also mentioned that Olanzapine is notorious for causing diabetes and sure enough my daughter’s weight escalated whilst at the Bethlem Hospital and now the GP is waiting for the files from them.  I now have full consent from my daughter witnessed by more than one person and the truth always comes out in the end.  The Metformine is no longer being prescribed as the GP cannot see any reason for this whatsoever.  However the GP said that in about 2 weeks time the truth will be known.   

It would appear that the GP is interested in my daughter’s physical health whereas the hospitals both NHS and private do not care.  If my daughter has diabetes then the family should be told the truth and if two drugs are being given in this way that are contra indicated in any case this could be harmful to my daughter’s physical health.

Mental Health Cop:

I liked the blog very much – here was an honest police officer who was providing a truthful and very interesting blog and I want to see this reinstated.   I am not the only one who feels this way.

The public have a right to know what is going on in the UK especially the truth which all too often does not appear in the newspapers.   





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    • I thank you for your kind comments. I should point out that I am not anti-drugs in all cases – in some cases people can benefit from drug treatment but that is not the case with everyone. This is why myself and other mothers would like to see Chy Sawel set up so that proper assessments are done. Once someone has been on so many drugs like my daughter it is hard to come off and that person is subject to a lifetime of drugging in accordance with the law. It is not just me but it is sad to read some of the shocking cases where drug treatment does not work and the person in care is kept on lengthy sections and forced to take drugs regardless of whether that person shows signs of improvement or not and in any case they should not be used long term as this will affect someone’s physical health as I have proven by having private tests done and in the first instance there could be a physical problem rather than mental health problem which has not been identified correctly.

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