Yesterday I telephoned Elizabeth and could not get through on the phone and had to go through the office.  Today was the same as there was a problem with the charger.  The phone was probably in the office charging no doubt.  I had to hang on and wait to speak to her and wished her a Happy Birthday.  I am pleased the package arrived that I sent but I also bought some chocolates which the rest of the family can bring down however I am worried about these now as I am not sure there is a problem with Elizabeth.

Just lately more than one expert has been giving me advice that I cannot ignore.  I have become knowledgeable myself about the drugs having read so many books on the subject.  At the very beginning I trusted the doctors but then I got to see the effects of the drugs and questioned what they were doing.  I was told by one psychiatrist at local level that my daughter would have to take the drugs for the rest of her life.  However I have one thing that is making me query everything right now and I just cannot allow this to be dismissed by anyone. 

Today I had an indepth conversation with social services about the placement of my daughter and someone is supposed to have several choices.  One place Elizabeth did not like, the care home she did like but what about the other place?  When I got no call back from social services I rang again and questioned this and was told that they would not pay for this place for her to go and stay for a short while as well as pay for the private hospital at the same time.  However we as a family were not given the option to pay for this short stay if this was what Elizabeth liked.  I felt that my daughter had been given no choice and when I used the word manipulation this did not go down well – in fact I almost felt as though I was being mimicked when I said this word.   I will give you some examples of manipulation my daughter has had.

Change of solicitor

“you’ve got to go along with what the team say here Mum, it is very strict”

making contact with me difficult – letter stating supervised phone calls at a time I could not phone

Now the placement as there is no choice.

If Elizabeth had made the choice of the Care Home herself when given choice of the other placement I would not have had a problem with this but I am not happy as I do not feel my daughter has been treated fairly.

Whilst in conversation I happened to mention about the treatment of my daughter and drugs being given which are contra indicated.  I felt as though social services and the team were being dismissive of the report by a highly qualified and experienced psychiatrist of many years.   Social Services are not doctors and neither are they experts when it comes to the workings of the drugs.  So I explained that I had more than one expert stating that Metformin is given for diabetes and I just want the truth.  I have just bought chocolate/sweets for Elizabeth – do I as a mother need to give a special diet for my daughter and if she has such a condition or even the onset of it then we as a family need to know then my daughter should have a complete review of her treatment.

I have asked for an honest answer as every time I have brought up the subject I have a terrible feeling that the truth is not being revealed to us as a family.

The truth always comes out in the end.

Apparantly Clozapine interacts with 600 other drugs and Metformine with 200. 

There is research conducted on adverse reactions to drugs and I have come across some research to do with PTSD which I am most interested in.  In the report my daughter is recommended to have intensive trauma therapy and I as a mother want this provided.

If there is something seriously wrong with my daughter and I will get to find out about it then this cannot be dismissed by anyone.

I look forward in the near future of speaking to Sir Simon Wessely about how to improve the image of psychiatry as well as his advice on the correct treatment for my daughter’s new diagnosis of PTSD and intensive trauma therapy. 





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