Revelations 18:23-24 – “in the latter days the merchants of Bablylon with be the “great” men of the earth (great, generally meaning rich and powerful)  And that by their “sourceries” would all nations of the world be deceived and that many would die as a result of this deception.  The Greek translation of sorcery is “pharmacopeia”.

Isaiah writes about what we will face as a society whilst John speaks of everyone being deceived by pharmacopeia. 

Isaiah 28:7-8 points out even leaders of religions will be “out of the way” through intoxicating substances.    Isaiah states no one is exempt “they err in vision, they stumble in  judgement” –  he goes on to explain why this will happen to our society “For all tables are full of vomit and filth – No place is clean”   Just look at what is happening today – food is being toxicated with pesticides and other types of chemicals, stripped of nutrition and stripped of enzymes.

On the maximum huge dosage of Quetiapine Elizabeth was emotionless and seemed to be in a dream like state and complained of suffering vivid nightmares during the day.   She was on 750 -800mg which she was forced to take for numerous years – the dosage always raised on hospital admission and other drugs given on top.    The effects of this awful drug were wearing off and serious side effects were being experienced by my daughter who also suffered restlessness –  Akathisia “I feel like I am crawling out of my skin, Mum – please help me, please help me come off these drugs” .  (what could I do –  I am just a mother and have no knowledge how to take someone off the drugs yet social services and the team use this as an excuse to get rid of you as nearest relative).      It was on Cipralex she suffered  suicidal thoughts.  On Aripraprazole she suffered what would appear to be an eating disorder and felt ill after eating every meal.   On all of these drugs she suffered terrible skin irritation leading to scratching her face leaving permanent scars and a further prescription of the drug Lymecylcyn prescribed by her GP on top of a huge quantity of drugs already being given.  To top it all they prescribed paracetamol and Lorazepam – sometimes my daughter was being given 3 drugs at a time.  I had to point out to the GP that the Lymecylyne should not be given long term according to the instructions which I had read and I am not even a doctor and the drug was then immediately stopped.  Psychiatric drugs can shorten life by 25 years or so,  leading to shrinkage of the brain, Tardivia dyskinesia, Neuropleptic malignant syndrome, Akathisia.  When I was at the IOP last year the Dean was giving a speech saying that smoking caused shortage of life however afterwards I confronted him about this and referred him to my leaflet detailing 14 mind altering drugs given to my daughter.   It has nothing to do with smoking –  I know someone in my family who died at 100 and was a heavy smoker.  Elizabeth started smoking on an NHS ward of all places – this was through boredom and stress.  It must be very stressful to be on one of those wards and on the particular ward I am referring to Elizabeth was the only girl amongst about 9 men.  This is totally unsuitable for someone who is vulnerable. 

Amongst some of the interesting correspondence I receive through my blog from various  I could not help agreeing with the comments in one of them  “according to Peter Breggin – drugs cause indifference in the brain and apathy”.  I very much respect Peter Breggin.  He opposed reintroduction of lobotomy in the 1970’s once believed to be good practise.   I agree with my reader’s comments – the drugs are a form of modern lobotomy and especially the fact that if the drugs are not given for too long there is a chance the brain can rebuild itself.  Very true indeed –  I do know of people who  have got better completely and I also doubt the accuracy of some of these labels too.   The drugs can cause suicide –  Elizabeth was suicidal when put on Cipralex back to when she was 19 years of age.



The fact is unless someone is personally affected no one  really cares –  if the Government cared they would provide the facility for someone to go into but now they wish to silence people and I think this will lose them many votes.  They support anti-stigma campaigns without doing anything to help people like my daughter who have been stuck in hospital for years on end, some of whom are abandoned by their families and alone.  The advocacy is recommended by the hospital and patients are often referred to solicitors recommended by the hospital and then if someone is very vulnerable that solicitor does not bother to go or explain about a report showing a completely different diagnosis.  Where is Elizabeth’s support in dealing with a form for instance.


It is when you disagree with the system that you get huge backlash and you are treated like a criminal and can suffer bullying by the team with threats to remove you as Nearest Relative.

One of my readers mentions that if they do not follow protocol these professionals would be kicked out so  bullying is rife in the profession and on huge dosage of drugs anything can happen in a hospital and then what!    I heard from other patients who have shocking cases of abuse that they get nowhere with the legal profession.  I would like to see more accountability as I do know that not all psychiatrists are bad.  I also know you can choose a psychiatrist in April and I would like my daughter to have someone like Dr Moncrieff.

Psychiatry is a great machine to oppress people.  

Advance Statements are ignored –  I am not the only one judging by the letters I have received from others. 

They do not do proper blood tests  B12 magnesium, calcium, folic acid, estrogen level, gastrointestinal causes, under thyroid/over thyroid laboratory tests.  Well I had these done privately twice costing hundreds of pounds and they were ignored by the local team and current.  Now the GP is having to obtain files from the hospital due to me questioning the Metformine and I have full consent to deal with the GP now witnessed by members of staff at the surgery.  A family has a right to know certain things if not everything.  If Elizabeth had diabetes for instance we as a family should be told.

When you stand up for the person you care for a team tries to put blame on you.  They try to discredit you and I was accused of not giving the drugs properly recently.  I have been accused of influencing my daughter when in fact I have backed her decision in the past.  However I know now speaking from leading experts that the level of drugs my daughter is currently on would be very very dangerous for me to attempt a withdrawal and would need expert assistance.  So, this team have given my daughter a life sentence and knew all along all the serious incidents that have happened to her.  They have dismissed the possibility of her suffering from trauma, ignored a report by a professional psychiatrist of many years and that too goes for absolutely everyone involved in my daughter’s care.

I have read the Government wishes to look at physical health well for a start it is not good enough when a GP has to retrieve more files from the hospital to explain why someone is put on the drug Metformine.    It is not good enough to wait until someone has a blood disorder before they take someone off the drugs in the most dreadful manner.  How about a facility such as Chy Sawel that has professional involvement where when in the case of serious physical illness someone can go in to be humanely taken off the drugs.    There are facilities for someone on illicit drugs for instance and any drug withdrawal should be done with proper medical supervision and slowly and gradually. 

The drugs can mimic the mental disorder which may be wrong but when the treatment does not work they still continue the same treatment of drugging at the same level and nothing different is given.  If no proper tests are done in the first instance on complete blood chemistry it is no wonder things do not work.  Such tests are not available on the NHS. 

I know of more than one person cured despite a label of Schizophrenia and now off the drugs completely and that says it all. 

A visitor to the group I go to from the pharmaceutical industry referred to the testing of the drugs that it is only when the drugs are released to the wider public that the full results are truly known –  a reader says “you only need 2 positive tests to put drugs on the market even if you get 40 negative ones.  They test for 6 weeks and many tests are manipulated.

Anyway as regards Elizabeth I believe she is still at her placement being given the chance to try out somewhere different as she is being discharged from Section 3 soon.  However conditions are attached to this and social services and the team are using the excuse that I will persuade her to stop taking the drugs or stop the drugs myself.   A leading expert has told me such a thing would be very dangerous on the level of drugs Elizabeth is on and it would take 4 years to come off them and she would need proper observation and assistance and this is something not given in the UK UNLESS someone has a serious condition such as a blood disorder.    What is upsetting is the team completely ignore you when you say you would not attempt this.

I would agree that the UK is becoming more like something out of book I once read by George Orwell!  Just look at what is going on –  The Gagging Law due to take effect in September –  this is not a free country and I have been elsewhere in the world to see what martial law is like and rationing of food etc.  Well in the UK there are food banks –  people can barely afford to meet the cost of living, the weakest and most vulnerable people are targeted unfairly and as for the benefits system how will this affect my daughter Elizabeth on 850 mg of drugs how can she function.  

The social worker said Elizabeth had not completed a form regarding a prospective placement –  well who is helping my daughter Elizabeth? –  who is supporting her?  – it would appear that no one is really supporting her and that instead of choice of placements Elizabeth is being guided towards just one.  It so happens that Elizabeth does like this placement but in light of the unfair treatment she has received I as a mother wish to see choice and whilst I have no intention of influencing my daughter as regards the placement or drugs –  shame on this Country that the system is so very cruel, rife with control and bullying and I would agree with the description of  one of my readers  “Totalitarian Country” and I would add to this that I believe the treatment of such people like my daughter is AGAINST GOD

I pray to God that he can help my daughter and bring about an end to this shocking abuse.  I pray that the religions of the world take an interest in the abuse going on.      

Anyway now to my weekend.  I have had  a nice weekend so far and have met up with all my old school friends, all of whom have known Elizabeth from a baby.  We went shopping together and had a meal out which was very nice. 

Tomorrow I am going to make some new acquaintances through an organisation I got to hear about on Twitter – Stand Alone.  My case may be very different from others but I am most interested to hear about what others are going through. I know that some mothers who have not read the books I have distance themselves and do not want to know and some of the patients on the ward with Elizabeth have said to her ” you are lucky to have a mother like yours” .   Well I am only too happy to educate some of these mothers myself with the knowledge I have gained from reading so many brilliant books and I hope to acquire more from say Dr Peter Breggin and Dr Grace Jackson.  With lack of understanding of some parents,  it is all the more reason to have open dialogue.  It is also a good reason for a team to take a second look at some of their actions which can result in harm to the family.  Instead of working and communicating together with a family they will resort to taking you to court to get rid of you as the Nearest Relative when you as a mother may have researched the treatment and questioned it quite rightly so.  This is bullying in my opinion. They need to put themselves in my position as a mother and think how they would feel if they were in my shoes as if this was their relative and it would not hurt them to go out and buy some of the brilliant books that are not apparently according to my reader available in the Libraries.  Such books should be available for all to read and be properly educated.

I will telephone Elizabeth tomorrow – it is her Birthday and she will be 26 very soon but I will not be seeing Elizabeth on her Birthday.  I only hope wherever Elizabeth is sent she will be under a more understanding team who do not wish to get rid of me as a mother but wish to communicate properly for a change.  It is all down to communication and if Elizabeth is happy for me to deal with her GP then this says it all.  I am not interested in every detail but I am as a mother interested in her physical health and I do not think that the team appreciate the full facts and certainly they seemed to lack knowledge of some of the research that I have been looking at that you cannot dismiss these facts.  




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