I was travelling to work in the chaos of London when I got a text from Elizabeth. She is being allowed to stay at a placement but I cannot say where this. There were meant to be 3 choices but I was concerned that this was not being done fairly and so I contacted social services. They told me that Elizabeth was not sure about 1 placement she went to see which I thought was brilliant. However today I have changed my mind about this after the tone in which I was spoken to. Anyway there is one more placement that Elizabeth should see and I am waiting to hear whether this is going to be arranged. There needs to be choice for Elizabeth and then it is up to her of course. I then telephoned the GP as I am waiting for some information but this was not able to be provided as yet.

Anyway I had a shocking time getting to work today and arrived about midday and then in the evening I decided nothing was going to stop me from doing my favourite classes at my gym. So I took part in these and by the time they had ended the traffic had got better. I then got more than one bus all the way home and arrived home at 11.00 pm. To think I have the same thing tomorrow and Friday as well – plus next week.

Anyway it was certainly a very scenic journey back through London tonight on the buses whereas I would normally travel on the underground. Elizabeth has said she would tell me about her stay at the placement and whether or not she liked it but so far so good. However it is every bit possible for her to be able to stay at the other place and all I want is fairness for my daughter – she should be allowed choice. On the subject of choice so should every patient be allowed choice – choice in treatment and choice in care and from April it is a good thing that you can choose a psychiatrist. I am hoping the new psychiatrist will be just like Dr Joanna Moncrieff.


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