I am hoping for a better year with Elizabeth’s release at long last from hospital and hoping that she chooses the right placement and moves on with her life. I am hoping to see Elizabeth in a week’s time – it is nice to get away from London however if I did not work or have a car when would I ever get to see my daughter. There is no rush to pay basic expenses for vital meetings and certainly no help towards visiting when someone is placed miles from the family home. There has been no news other than what I hear from Elizabeth herself. No-one picks up the phone and tells you anything. I am still waiting to hear whether it will be OK to have Elizabeth stay with us. Elizabeth will be 26 soon but this will be in February – maybe the rest of the family will either go and see Elizabeth or bring her down.

We will hear next month on a decision no doubt where Elizabeth will be placed and I hope that Elizabeth will make a choice that will make her happy and be able to move on successfully in her life.

My biggest hope is that Chy Sawel is set up and that all the Professors doing vital research that is not widely known amongst the general public can be involved together in a project that can look at indepth assessments before a label is given wrongly. My daughter has a new diagnosis now and I want the correct treatment for her. I would like all the expertise and research to be widely known and on offer to not just my daughter but everyone. It would be cheaper to have specialised tests done than keep someone in hospital for years and years on end who is receiving the wrong treatment and not getting any better. I have already had tests done privately which show substantial decline in my daughter’s physical health which is being ignored and I have also been studying recent research over the last two years which should prompt a major reorientation of the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis and a fundamental reappraisal of the use of anti-psychotic drugs in general. Why should my daughter’s life be shortened when wrong diagnoses have been given in the first instance.

On Twitter today I have read about the appointment of Sir Simon Wessely as President of the RCPsch and how he wishes to improve psychiatry.

It is my hope that he comes and listens to what the mothers and patients have to say and not ignore important research. How can psychiatry ever be improved unless they do something positive in terms of much needed change. If there are mistakes made then how can these be rectified? Where is the facility for this to be done and I would like to hear personally what he has to say on this.

I am also hoping to meet lots of decent psychiatrists when I visit the Dragon Café when it opens soon as well as go to the INTAR conference in Liverpool where I shall hopefully meet more professionals – the kind of professionals that wish to see vast improvement which is much needed that is for sure.

I am looking forward to another meeting with the mothers/fathers who wish to see decent humane care in the UK very soon. I was surprised at what a good turnout there was at the last meeting considering many did not live locally.


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