“The Only Way Out Is Through”

To put oneself firmly on a path towards meaningful recovery from “emotional disturbance” one has to “go through” some pain, chaos, confusion, misery and fear before one can “re-emerge” with the capacity for making more meaningful differences in one’s life.
In too many cases, psychotropic drugs inhibit the “going through” process, interrupting progress, blocking progress, or even making matters worse, the result being it being made hard or even impossible for any meaningful recovery to begin, progress and/or get anywhere near complete enough in the client’s eyes.
And, all help should be as “client-centred” as possible and all matters of “chemical or electrical intervention” (with drugs or ECT) should be a matter of “client consent”, except in those few cases where there is a clear need to override client consent in the interests of the client. Client consent must never be overridden in the interests of anyone else as it is always “an abomination before the Lord” to “medicate” one person to address the “sensibilities” of another. Even the preferences of someone who is considered by most to be “chronically deranged” should be respected when those preferences are expressed clearly and consistently.
And, it should almost always be preferable to “contain” someone in a “secure environment” indefinitely than to “medicate” them without their consent. (IF ONLY THERE WAS THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT IN THE UK) However, according to my latest thinking, it may make sense to “enforce” PRN (as needed) “medication” without consent in clear-cut cases of “problematic derangement”.”

My comments are in capitals as I truly believe that an acute ward and enforced drugging is wrong in some cases and I truly believe that if only there was a specialist centre proper assessments could be given as some people cannot metabolize the drugs. I personally think the system is very wrong and whilst some people like going on the wards and taking the drugs others are suffering. I believe there should be choice and I do not believe patients are being treated fairly or families. I have recently had a few debates on Twitter which is a good thing. I might have my views on the subject but others may not agree but would still be interested perhaps if there was a specialist centre with open dialogue and I would like to see the patients themselves involved. I obviously cannot put everything on this blog or on social media but I am not the only one who would like to see a fairer system and there is lot going on that people are unaware of.


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