Some Terminology Changes
The term “Mental Health Problems” should be replaced with “Psycho-Social Health Problems” which is better terminology because it’s less fear-provoking, and because such problems actually relate to “dysfunction” across the faculties of the mind, the emotions, social capacities and the spiritual.
And, the term “Mental Illness” should be replaced with “Emotional Disturbance” which in extreme cases may manifest itself as a client becoming “Deranged”, although the term “Deranged” should be used sparingly and only where it makes complete sense to do so.
The terms “Ill” and “Unwell” should never be used because these terms give “carte blanche” to people masquerading as “doctors” to step in with a view to “fixing” something that isn’t really broken in the first place. The term “Illness” should be replaced with “Condition”, and the term “Unwell” should simply not be used because “unwellness” is a matter of subjectivity and degree, not a matter of black and white objectivity.
And, the term “Panic Alarm” should be replaced with “Incident Alert”, and any “Incident Alarm” sounds should not induce panic or alarm in anyone, because neither panic nor alarm is appropriate or helpful, and because both panic and alarm cause people to make mistakes, too often serious ones.
Other recommended changes include: “Non-acceptant with ‘medication’”, instead of “non-compliant” with ‘medication’”, “‘medication’ declined”, instead of “’medication’ refused”, and “psychiatric view contested”, instead of “psychiatric view denied”.
For the remainder of this document, I will use the terms “Psycho-Social Health Problems”, “Emotional Disturbance”, “Derangement”, “Condition” and “Incident Alert”, in the hope that the reader will become accustomed to them.

This is to be continued in my next blog.


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