“HEAR US” – Extracts by my Guest Blogger

I have known my guest blogger for some time through the group of former patients I meet with from time to time called Speak Out Against Psychiatry.  I consider this person to be of no risk to the public but this is a case that is all down to enforced drugging and I believe this is wrong as there are other ways that this situation could be dealt with.    

Anyway I am very impressed with the writing skills of this individual who has vast experience as a service user within the mental health system and excellent writing skills.   I cannot help thinking – what a waste that someone like this is in hospital who could play a vital role, if included, in improving services for all service users and then there would be no complaints!  

I may have to do more than one blog to feature the many valid points he makes which I list as follows:

“in any organisation or institution where there is no clear understanding of the problems, few good ideas about what can be done to help, cash starvation, obsession with minimal cost REGARDLESS of consequences, endless expediency, fire-fighting and corner cutting, insane silo politics and complete lack of leadership, scrutiny and accountability.  Such organisations and institutions evolve like out-of control cancer driven by never-ending bad compromise of the kind that panders to the fears of control-freaks and the fears of the paranoid leading to the endless turning up of new weird and horrible problems, partial solutions turning up at random sometimes and good ideas always dying a death in infancy.”

“the system is totally insane”.

“bad science coupled with insane bigotry, arrogance and over-caution”

“psychiatry is an out-of control very badly designed bureaucratic machine”

Take SLaM for instance (I have shortened some of the comments):-

“Complacency of management and on-going denial of anything every being seriously wrong”  (these comments are made in conjunction with their  Management approach re improving patient experience).

“good thinking is seldom acted upon”  – these comments made in conjunction with Board discussions about key ingredients of an effective service – client-centred decision-making, collaborative (shared) decision-making, informed choice, informed consent, undesirability of over-medication, importance of focusing on well-being and recovery etc etc.  

“When projects fail:   “it seems no one ever bothers to identify obstacles to success with a view to overcoming them”.  “Virtual absence of follow-through”.

Future plans appear year on year to be all show, having “no positive impact on patient experience” yet the Management team like to show that staff are working hard with a view to realising meaningful significant improvements.

“Referring to millions secured for research for ever more powerful medications with hopefully fewer serious side effects, this begs the question  – is suppression of symptoms with mind-distorting chemicals ever changing for the better?  It should also be highlighted in our very carefully considered opinion that because the Management team seems never to take its critics seriously, project leads routinely fail to deliver anything noteworthy.” 

He goes on to appeal that “please do whatever you can to call Mental Health Service Managers and Clinicians to account whenever they fail to listen, whenever they fail to get serious about understanding the legitimacy of the concerns of their critics and whenever they fail to act decisively and with follow-through, in accordance with all recognised understandings”. 

My guest blogger commends his psychiatrist on the one hand with  having an excellent memory however he puts this down to the memorisation of textbooks verbatim, textbooks that are all about controlling people with no interest whatsoever in promoting their well-being.  Therefore no proper thinking is done in his opinion.  He has come up with a diagnosis for the psychiatrist “a text book robot who has been programmed through verbatim memorisation of all textbooks on the subjects of control freakery without heart and the power of the chemical cosh who uses what little remaining humanity to mock victims.

My guest blogger has re-written psychiatry in a lengthy document which I am currently reading through and considering featuring on my website.   

My guest blogger should be given a role himself to work with the Board to focuss on improving an outdated system that is failing so  many.  My guest blogger should have been featured on the recent television series.  This is someone I have seen liven up the ward and encourage/support other patients.  

Well I HEAR YOU and I hope so will others particularly the professionals themselves as something needs to be done about a situation where wards are overflowing and there is a lack of beds because of high demand.











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