I have left Xmas this year to the last minute as I have been busy with decorating and am just about getting up straight. Elizabeth is allowed to come home this year unlike last when she was escorted by 2 nurses and was only at home for a few hours before being taken back. Her sister is picking her up halfway where staff will be meeting with her as I am not able to do this so I am very grateful about this. Elizabeth has texted me to ask me to buy something in the way of food she likes. Today I have been shopping and tidying up the house as well. I am exhausted. I have no holiday over Xmas and so have been rushing to get things done at the last minute. During the week I went to a fabulous party with my colleagues in Chelsea. It was sheer luxury to stay for 1 night at the Novotel in Hammersmith. Well I would recommend this as whilst the room was not the best I have stayed in and did not compare to the fabulous accommodation in Madeira or the view come to that the breakfast was every bit as good and I do not have time to have a breakfast in the morning as I have to be up so early to travel in to Central London. Anyway Elizabeth will be staying Xmas Eve and Xmas Day with me and then going to stay with her Grandparents and rest of family and they will take her back. I have a couple of days carried over in holiday for January – there may be meetings coming up that I may have to attend so I would rather carry over these days as I may need time off. I am so looking forward to being like a family again just for 1 day. I am positive that the New Year will bring something good and I hope to catch up with Mr Burstow and Mr Lamb to discuss what they intend to do about things bearing in mind my extensive discussions. I hope to go to a conference in June and I have fabulous news – I am going to keep that a secret for now – I have more than one piece of news that has made me so very happy. Over Xmas I hope to visit the old lady who has become part of the family but unfortunately I am unable to do what I was once doing as I now work full time. We used to have her over every year to us at Xmas along with my father until both became too severely disabled. I think Xmas is a sad time for many and a time when the elderly and mentally ill should be thought of. I hope that by writing my blog it makes other mothers think – well here’s a mother who is not ashamed – here is a mother who is proud and not afraid to speak out – I have read many books and educated myself but to begin with I did not understand to be honest. However I have seen more than 1 case in my family and I would advise any mother not to turn their backs on their sons/daughters. I would advise any mother not to be ashamed of speaking about the subject of mental health care and I believe this is the way forward for change and I am positive that Mr Lamb has something planned for change otherwise I would not have been invited and I want to hear all about this from him and Mr Burstow. A specialist centre is needed to do proper assessments that are not currently being done – the way to get rid of stigma altogether is to get rid of the secrecy surrounding the courts and include the wider public – involve them in cases like my daughter, bring things out in the open to show the public that people under the mental health are not all killers and also honesty surrounding the drugs would be a good thing – some people may not be able to metabolize the drugs. Some drugs may work for some but may cause adverse reaction to others leading to psychosis. This is hidden from the public instead of researching how to help these people they are written off as treatment resistant. Well here is what I think of this diagnosis THIS IS A LOAD OF RUBBISH! Given proper decent humane care an intensive trauma therapy instead of drug after drug is the way forward but I have been advise by leading professors that it can take years and years to come off the drugs properly however what should be provided is the correct facilities – ANYONE can suffer psychosis on these drugs or coming off them if things are not done properly and I only want a Bio Medical Scientist involved in any changes or someone like the professors who speak the truth. I also want Dr Walsh involved to look at the correct treatment and assessment and to train up the 20 doctors so if there are any doctors interested please contact Sandra Breakspeare as another leading Professor wishes to be involved in the Chy Sawel Project and I am delighted. There is hope for Elizabeth now and on this happy note I am going to wish everyone a very Happy Xmas and New Year and I cannot wait until the New Year as I am excited to see all these new developments in place.


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