Dear Santa …………

I briefly read the blog by Mental Health Cop. I enjoy reading this blog and am pleased that recognition is being given. On the one hand it is good that someone in the Police is taking such an interest however I do not happen to agree with everything on his blog.

For one I disagree about the week long training course. I thought the police training on MH was excellent in my opinion however the best training would be for him to come and meet the patients and listen to what they have to say and maybe the police can be involved in a better way rather than just arresting. I cannot blame the patients for reacting the way they do having seen what I have seen.

It is nothing to be proud about being invited to speak in front of all these professionals. He would have more to be proud about if he was to come and meet the patients themselves who have suffered cruelty on the wards.

Well I too have had an invitation this year to see Mr Burstow for which I was very grateful. I was pleased he was meeting with Mr Lamb directly afterwards.

As regards being invited to speak in front of professionals. I have invited myself to do this! Twice I got up to speak at the IOP and backed Frank Bruno as I admired this honesty. I also spoke at Carers UK Conference.

I also admire Eleanor Longden – this is the kind of person the professionals could really learn from especially the Police/social services and psychiatrists.

I would be more impressed if I was to read on Mental Health Cop that he was meeting with the patients or that the police were doing something positive for the patients – for instance there is nothing to do at the weekends on the shocking wards. Instead of just going around and arresting the patients the police should have a better role in my opinion. My younger daughter whilst at school and when diagnosed with Schizophrenia was taken out with the police for 1 week during school holidays during the time I had to work. She had a brilliant time. Something positive like this would be good for the police to be involved in.

I am not impressed with reading about “places of safety”. I am sorry but where are these places of safety? A cell is more quiet and I heard not only my daughter but other patients begging to go to prison.

So here is my wish list for Xmas and very different from that of mental health cop:

An end to the cruelty of enforced drugging and CTOs and proper look at assessments and checking to see if someone is metabolizing the drugs. If not then the drugs could be harmful to that person and it is not only a waste of money but could result in severe physical health problems if continued.

It is about time the outdated law is changed and consultation for this change should be done with patients and not just the professionals . It is the patients that are suffering the abuse. Mental Health Cop talks about assaults on staff – well I am not in favour of staff being assaulted but this post is one sided as I have heard about the abuse to patients and what is done about this. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – if mind altering drugs are given and tampered with like they were at the Bethlem then this leads to psychosis and who h as caused the psychosis in the first place – this is none other than the professionals themselves. You cannot mix drugs or do a steep reduction without causing adverse behaviour and I feel like this was done deliberately. The care is abusive – the law encourages abuse and if there were proper facilities available then no patient would have to go on a CTO. Also if the drugs are found to be doing more harm than good a patient is just ignored – this is when there should be a proper facility for a patient to go in and be safely reduced. A reduction of these chemicals is surely no different than a reduction from illicit drugs yet no help is given to patients to come off the mind altering chemicals in a proper way if someone complains of serious side effects. A patient is wrongly told they have to take them for the rest of their lives and whilst I am not saying to anyone to go ahead and stop these drugs, I think there should be the facilities given and professionals involved in helping in some circumstances and if a patient wishes for this to be done. I am not saying that the drugs do not help everyone but there are circumstances where they are dong more harm than good. By the way reductions are not done properly in the UK and that is why there are failures – too steep a reduction can cause psychosis and there have been suicide cases. So proper regulation needs to be put in place where bio medical scientists are closely involved who really know the workings of the drugs and how best to do any reduction – if a patient suffers from diabetes I heard they get taken off the drugs but there are others who complain of serious side effects but are totally ignored. Nothing is being done properly in the UK. Patients are kept on the drugs simply to control them and if the patients are drugged up then the staff can have a quieter time. I would not advise anyone to stop taking their drugs and whilst I may be anti-drugs I believe that unless you have the support of a professional it is not a good thing to stop taking them but my criticism is there is no choice and I do not know how staff can surround a patient, pin them down and inject them with drugs yet MH cop goes on about assaults on staff and not on assaults regarding patients.

I would like more Government funding into MH care and improvements on wards. I would also like to see at the same time much more support/investment to those in the community.

I would like to see inclusion rather than exclusion and openness and honesty instead of secrecy and cover-ups/bullying and harassment.

I would like to be able to choose the psychiatrist as the nearest relative with the consultation of my daughter of course – I thought Nick Clegg was going to do something about this. What has been done? I shall be writing directly to Mr Clegg about this he said changes would be made in 2014 . I wish there was also choice of country in order to get decent care – I would of course choose Finland – Tornio – the only place in the world they have decent care and treatment by the very psychiatrists I would like for my daughter. No wonder they have 95% success rate.

I would like accountability and openness in the family courts which are currently secret. I totally disagree with this and would like this case to be open as much can be learned by what is going on. This is the only way to improve things and much money could be saved.

I would like to see Chy Sawel set up and have Dr Walsh come over here to assess my daughter so she can have the correct treatment. A place for my daughter to go unlike a shocking acute ward that is overflowing – a peaceful environment away from a noisy bustling city. An ideal location would be a farm with lots of animals – Elizabeth likes animals. There is nothing therapeutic in an acute ward that is for sure.

I would like open dialogue introduced so that parents and families are included unlike at present. Not all families are abusing their sons/daughters.

I would like to eventually see Elizabeth living a normal life and having a job even if it is just a few hours a day.

Most of all I would like to see Elizabeth happy as is my younger daughter who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia as a child but is now on top of the world.

If I was to win the lottery I would use everything to set up Chy Sawel and Root and Branch Project and I would wish for Dr Walsh to come over and train up the 20 doctors.

I would like to see more patients included and given the opportunity with the right level of support to be able to take on a small job. It is disgusting that there is such a waste of talent out there as many of the patients are highly intelligent or else have brilliant artistic skills and much to offer yet these people are kept down by so called professionals.

Well that is enough of my list. It is not long now until Xmas – I shall hopefully see Elizabeth over Xmas and I have some good news – however it is only fair Elizabeth tells you this herself if she feels up to writing.

I shall be enquiring how my guest blogger is doing with his piece. This guest blogger has excellent writing skills and I am sure the piece will be extremely interesting.

Just like mental health cop I shall be speaking in front of people but as a “surprise” guest. I have thoroughly enjoyed going to events at the IOP. I have something very interesting to discuss with them but I cannot disclose this as yet.

This weekend I shall be busy – going to meet friends tomorrow seeing a show and having a meal out. A party mid-week and I must find out when the Carers UK party is as I miss out on many nice things organised by the carers group because they are during the day. I shall only see Elizabeth on Xmas Day and she will be spending most time with the rest of the family .


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