“after speaking to my sister on two accounts I was shocked and horrified as to what she told me.

On the first occasion she told me “The doctor told me to request that my mother can only phone me on a Monday at 6pm.” My mother cannot phone at this time and does not phone my sister excessively. In my opinion the doctor is trying to put words in m y sister’s head and considering she is not in the right frame of mind due to being drugged up on so much medication the doctor is manipulating my sister.”

On the second phone call with my sister she had told me “They are trying to get me to speak to m y dad and not my mother” I think they are trying to replace my mother as the nearest kind and getting my dad to take over which is not fair or right.”

When a team gang up against you there is no protection – there is no decent complaints procedure as any complaints amount to nothing. It is a waste of time. The CQC do not get involved in any individual complaints at all. The MH law is outdated back to 2007 and fails to protect the most weak and vulnerable people in society.

Mental health is not something that people are interested in unless it affects themselves and I realise the fact is that no one cares. A mother pointed out to me that many people are abandoned once in a mental health institution but I as a mother do not wish to abandon my daughter – I am horrified at how unfair and cruel the system is that allows this to go on.

I have been accused of missing a tablet of Metformine on a visit home from my daughter. I do not recall missing a tablet and when I told the leading expert today about this he said that it would not have mattered in any case and when a nurse at the hospital said that if you miss a tablet of Clozapine you have to start from scratch – I put this to the leading expert and he said “that’s not true”. I think they are desperately trying to find excuses of saying that I am irresponsible and not capable of giving the drugs so that Elizabeth cannot visit any more.

Last year the consultant psychiatrist refused for Elizabeth to come home at Xmas and she had to spend Xmas in hospital. Elizabeth now wants to move on with her life and is of no risk to society however there is nothing to stop a team from saying otherwise as they are raking in thousands and thousands of taxpayers money under the private sector care. My solicitors had to do them a letter to warn them of abuse of human rights when the discouraged contact with myself. All the time unknown to them Elizabeth was texting me on her own accord. For a while the phone was charging forever in the office and none of the family could get through.

Who cares about mental health – I have to admit most people support things like childrens charities and cancer charities but not everyone under the mental health took drugs in the first place in fact the majority have suffered abuse and that is why it is wrong to drug these people as that is simply not the answer. I thought Elizabeth would get counselling but the counselling consisted on delving into her private life and questioning her about whether I had abused her as a mother.

Elizabeth has come out with worrying things and certainly when a person is surrounded by staff in a prison like environment they can be pressurised into going along with the team.

It is wrong for instance when a team put pressure on and change a legal representative but I have seen this several time before.

It is wrong when advocates do not attend large meetings which are bound to be stressful.

I have friends that their sons cannot face going through a court process because they are too stressed out. Then these people remain stuck in hospital for years not because they are a danger to society but because they become so weakened and some of course have no family members to defend them like I am doing for Elizabeth.

I know that the team would never agree to Elizabeth coming home to live with me but if she did then I would employ a nurse to live in – surely that would satisfy the team who only care about drugging of my daughter. If a nurse was to give the drugs then surely that would be good enough. Well the other thing I would do for Elizabeth is to employ a nutritionist. I believe the supplements have suddenly turned up but no one said anything. These will be needed when Dr Walsh comes over and I must make sure I get these back. I would look at a healthy diet and get the advice from top professionals. The trouble is that on a day to day basis Elizabeth would need activities to occupy herself with and this is where the care in the community let her down so badly.

Today I spoke to a leading expert who knows the drugs inside out and is extremely knowledgeable about the law and the whole system.

I had to admit I did not like to hear the truth – the truth is that no one cares – this has been going on for 50 years – the law is outdated and even when it was changed it was changed for the worse. Until the law is changed there is no hope.

I see my post “Message for the Team” has gained viewings and I just want them to know how heartbroken I am as a mother by the way I have been treated in light of the most terrible care, too shocking to put on this site and I wish them to know that the whole family would like to see Elizabeth out in the community. We have offered to have her home but we know that you as a team will not consider this and it would appear that all you want to do is to destroy my family.

I hope by this blog that the world can see how badly an outdated system needs to be changed and I don’t know why I have been invited to Westminster as I am just a mother who feels like nothing but I cling to hope in that someone will voice my concerns about the LAW and how badly that needs to be changed and how the current system is failing.

Elizabeth asked about her cat today – she misses her cat and she misses home and it awaits to be seen if we will be allowed to see her over the Xmas period. The team tried to make out Elizabeth comes back anxious and unsettled. Perhaps she is unsettled because the home is peaceful unlike a ward with alarm bells ringing all the time. The family are concerned that Elizabeth will end up going really downhill if left longer in this hospital.

I hear as well there is extensive bullying going on in the world of psychiatry more so than anywhere else. I have experienced bullying myself by the teams and a complaint gets you nowhere.


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