I have been to Westminster many times.  I used to work there and on Monday I am going there again. 

I decided to go home via the area where I used to work tonight in Westminster.   It looks lovely at night and this area brings back many memories.  

I remember taking Elizabeth and her sister to this area as a child. 

I remember the Royal Wedding and how much Elizabeth wanted to go but I was worried about her being amongst the large crowds.  We watched the Royal Wedding together on TV and then I took Elizabeth with me when things had quietened down.  Unfortunately Elizabeth was not very well at all and I had to get help at a station as Elizabeth is afraid of escalators and anything up high.   Now she has further deteriorated as even a small set of stairs causes Elizabeth to have a panic attack.  This is why I do not think she would be happy in an area like London any more – at least not in the immediate future.

On another occasion I called in to the Houses of Parliament with Elizabeth in the hope of seeing someone to discuss what could be done to improve the shocking care.  I was even more shocked that no one wanted to speak to me and as my local MP could not help me I wanted to see someone higher up.  I was so appalled that no one cared less and I decided I was going nowhere until someone did see me.  To my delight I was seen by Shadow Health Minister’s assistant.  If your local MP cannot help you then I believe you should be able to call in and see someone else.    What I really wanted was for things to be discussed and these discussions put into effect so that improvements could be made to the shocking care system.  

I have a meeting on Monday – a very important meeting in Westminster and I am so happy that someone cares –  I wished I could bring some of the other mothers along although there would be too many to accommodate in just one single meeting.

I phoned Elizabeth the other day –  I could barely hear her speak.  Alarms were going off in the background and Elizabeth said “this happens all the time here”.   This strengthen’s my opinion that this is highly unsuitable and that a more suitable place would be a lovely farm where there are animals and peace and quiet.    A therapeutic community would have things going on every day for instance.  At home I would have to employ someone to help me if I was to continue working.  At home there would be nothing to do from day to day for Elizabeth.  She is not well enough to get a job –  some people wrongly think it is laziness but no one can possibly know what it feels like to be on a huge dosage of mind altering chemicals.  I believe it is not the taxpayer who should be billed as regards benefits I believe that the pharmaceutical industry should have a responsibility when the drugs cause adverse side effects and disability.  They are the ones who should pay for the welfare of the likes of my daughter and others affects – not the taxpayer.  There should be a system in place to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry have a duty of responsibility if their drugs cause injury or disablement but it is impossible to find solicitors to represent you in such cases.

I can only hope that soon Elizabeth will move forward with her life in a positive way.  “I’m going to follow in your footsteps, Mum” – these are the latest comments said by my daughter –  well I would say to these comments that I would hope she will excel with success one day and progress just like someone else in my family who was wrongly labelled.

Is this why they don’t want me to see any more files –  perhaps they have found a label or labels for me –  there are so many to choose from in the DSM.

I will take along my leaflets and the book by Dr Walsh when I go to this important meeting.




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