Once under their, contact with families can be discouraged – certainly this has been the case. I did not have a blog in the first instance-  I was not being outspoken to any real extent like now and that is out of overwhelming despair.

Tonight I have been shopping in the wonderful Westfield Centre – not the one in Stratford but the one in Shepherds Bush with a beautiful ice rink.  This reminded me of Elizabeth when I took both girls ice skating at the O2 Centre in London and on another occasion when I tool Elizabeth to a local ice rink but she needed help in going around and I asked a member of staff to take her.  She looked so happy but prior to this Elizabeth was not at all well and it was a weekend –  I would always spend time with Elizabeth at the weekends and would have to consider where I took her.  She did not like crowds so it had to be somewhere peaceful but on the other hand she liked ice skating and looked very happy.  At one time she would have liked the shopping centre and beautiful light display.

Xmas is not far off now and last time we were deprived having Elizabeth at Xmas –  she was escorted by 2 nurses who left her alone with the rest of the family but did not leave her side when she came to me.  I knew what to expect and knew I was not being treated the same way as the rest of the family so was not surprised by this at all but if it was true Elizabeth was not well enough to spend time with her family at Xmas I thought it was bad that she was travelling for so many hours in a car only to spend a short time with the family before being driven back flanked by two nurses.  I did a party for her inviting close friends who had known her as a little girl –  you can imagine what they all thought. 

Elizabeth not only would like to come home but would like to be with her family at Xmas.  It is sad what is happening right now and how this is allowed to go on.  This is private sector care for you.




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  1. Cory said:

    Thanks for finally writing about >I WANT TO COME HOME, MUM | Psychiatric Abuse UK
    <Loved it!

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