Message for the Team

I am more than pleased you are following me.  I am pleased you are reading my blog and are taking such an interest.  I wish to share with you my weekend in that case.

I very much look forward to the weekends even though I spend most of my time catching up on housework and usual chores but this weekend I had something different to look forward to.


Sandra Breakspeare was down from Cornwall and I thoroughly admire a lady who fights for her son and never ever gives up.  So many mothers give up. I am like Sandra very much I see hope – I see hope of change especially that Mr Lamb is taking notice.  Mr lamb is interested so it would seem via Twitter about physical health which is something that tends to be overlooked.  


I have found out today my daughter’s drugs – Clozapine has been raised by 50mg.    She is now on 850mg.  Here is what the rest of the family have to say.

None of us are happy.  None of us feel my daughter is safe within your “care”.

To the doctor concerned – you have only spoken to me on one occasion and formed an opinion based on another hospital’s views written in the files.  You have never ever met with me face to face.  You have taken a dislike towards me because I do not agree with you.  That does not mean to say I do not respect all psychiatrists.  I am in touch with many who have been in the profession for years on end some of whom you have never heard of.

Here’s what I think –  you are not thinking about my daughter’s physical health – you are only concerned with drugging and I am proven right by the fact you have raised the drug Clozapine by 50mg.

Why?  You do not consult with the family or have once ever tried to communicate with me personally.  Well here is your chance to communicate personally let us be open and honest.  I can take criticism so lets hear from you.


Sir James Munby QC wants everything to be open and honest and I very much admire him for this.  I too feel the same.

The family feel that my daughter is not being treated fairly.  Much money is being made at taxpayer’s expense.  How much is being made exactly?

I feel comfort that I am not alone – it is not just me suffering and as a leading expert and lawyer I am in touch with points out with words to this effect –  mental health law can easily be usurped.   Yes!  it is easy to play on capacity and confidentiality.  It is easy to overlook someone vulnerable.  It is easy to criticise the mother and family and easy to dismiss what has happened to my daughter and the lack of care and what about the knowledge of the drugs and the working of the drugs themselves.   Well I am just a mother and cannot answer the questions on what effects a drugs has. Without a doctor being present how can I explain however I do have someone who cares very much and is extremely knowledgeable and it is not just my daughter I am being outspoken for either.   I feel sorry for those who have no one.


I want every single mother and father who has distanced themselves from their sons/daughters to take another look. 


When I went onto the ward locally some patients spoke to me openly about their problems  and some had been abused.  The answer is always drugs.  That is wrong – they don’t work.  Even some very honest psychiatrists notice this.  They do not work for everyone.  Unless you address the underlying problem with intensive trauma therapy then that person should not be straight away put on drugs you cannot easily come off. 


I wish to add that if someone suffers from diabetes they are IMMEDIATELY taken off the drugs.   I now wish to question why it takes so long is someone is having say heart problems or other serious side effects.  Why are professionals dismissing the physical health of patients and taking the easy route of drugging and persuading patients and families this is the right way. 

I have already posted an interesting  piece by a leading expert who I will not name on my blog out of respect but by the way he does not care in being identified so I am delighted by this advice as I am nothing on my own – I am just a mother.   I am treated less than this by the entire team would wish I disappear from the face of the earth.  Speaking of which I had in addition to the mother/fathers’s meeting nice day out with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is losing confidence on the ward rapidly.  The whole family feel she is deteriorating.  The whole family are unhappy yet I know as a mother if Elizabeth was in the right company she could excel.   I wish to buy Elizabeth her own home.  I wish to buy her a business – she was talented at floristry.  She wants to work.  She is not lazy but if the consultant psychiatrist is allowed to carry on increasing, increasing and adding to the drugs given as and when required for instance in terms of Lorapepam which is highly addictively  then I am afraid I could lose my daughter.  I now want a full investigation.  Things are dragging on and I am so pleased I have interest at high level in Westminster.   I praise God for this.  The rest of the family feel their comments at a meeting today were ignored and dismissed and the whole matter is soul destroying to the family.  I thought a team should work with the family but this has not once been the case as far as I am concerned.


Why should they care.  At the Bethlem it was all about Clozapine – “you should have done your research”.  Under private sector care it is all about money and how much do they get per week out of taxpayer’s pockets.   


Whilst the NHS care failed there were good things about the NHS I liked.  The A&E that helped my father who had Alzheimers.  The nurses on the ward where he had a heart attack and this no doubt was due to him being on anti-psychotics.  There were good things about the NHS but the mental health was no good.  The wards were a cubicle and noisy.  I cried when Elizabeth was in that place. 


Now Elizabeth is 26 –  I want her home – she is stable and if I had her home I could not work any more.  I would have no money to pay the bills. 

Elizabeth who was once working, once learning to drive, once studying is a shadow of her former self. 

She clung to us when we took her out because she feels dizzy a lot of the time and just like when she was on Aripraprazole (Abilify) she felt ill after eating.  I thought she was gong to be ill at the table whilst we were eating and whilst she was at the cinema.  She has to have a sleep in the afternoons.  She is more stressed out and more prone to anxiety and panic attacks than ever ever before.  If Elizabeth remains much longer under this hospital I am not sure she will survive.  


What I don’t like is the way they dismiss you like you are nothing.  This is not what I ever envisaged.


A while back there was a problem.  I thought there was Norrovirus on  the ward  –  I only got to find out by chance.  Just like everything –  I remember several incidents – serious that have involve police and I got to find out about them.  Not once have I ever received an apology.

So, on this case I got to find out – it was either Norovirus of food poisoning.  Perhaps someone in the team can enlighten me.  I have an interest here –  I have a daughter on your ward – how would you feel as a mother –  well how would feel?

I want my daughter to be in a natural environment like a farm.  Elizabeth has been delighted with the chickens on the ward.  Elizabeth likes cats and animals.  Elizabeth is artistic and was good at floristy and came out like a different person when she took part in classes that the consultant psychiatrist di not agree with. Even he then had to admit Elizabeth did well and staff wanted to buy her items.



Anyway I have to get up early tomorrow and have had a long drive back from Wales.    

I don’t know where to start with the thanks from complete strangers who have suffered themselves mainly the patients who I meet with regularly –  the mothers who are likewise suffering.  I thank you all and to those I have not met.

I hope Elizabeth will be a Survivor one day –  please God please let that be the case as not one professional cares about my daughter’s physical health at all.











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