I have had a nice weekend up until now.  

Met up with the former patients group yesterday and for the most part today have been busy sorting things out at home

We will be visiting Elizabeth next week – her sister hoping to go down during the week separately. 

I have not spoken much to Elizabeth this week and have received text messages with just one word “Hi” – today a member of staff said she was adamant she did not want to speak to me but I have  had two text messages today with the word “Hi”  – I don’t know what to think as not so long ago my daughter was being deterred from contact with me especially.  My solicitors had to do a letter reminding them of my daughter’s human rights.  It is wrong a hospital takes a phone away from a patient –  it is wrong a hospital deprives a patient from contacting their family but this is what has been going on in my case and has affected others in the family.  I am not sure now what to think about tonight when I have had two text messages and a message from a member of staff she did not want to speak to me.     This comes at a time when decisions will be made about the future of Elizabeth.

I sent her a text to say that I would be done next week and so would her sister separately.  I also wanted her to know that I had a surprise contact with what was once her best friend.  I needed to know if she still wanted to come and stay in the lovely farmhouse that we have booked and that her sister would wish to book there as well.   

All I can hope for is that everything is OK and that maybe Elizabeth will be allowed to come and stay with the family at Xmas unlike last year when she was not allowed to see the family over Xmas at all. 









I have sent a text message to Elizabeth as I could not speak to her tonight. 







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