Telephone Conversation with Elizabeth

My daughter Elizabeth just phone me before I left for my journey home – she had this to say.

“I want to be just like you, Mum” –  “I want to be a strong person and I want to get on with my life”.    “I am self-medicating now and want to move on”  “I think it is because I am like you, Mum that I have regained my strength”.   “I know I distanced myself from you at one time……………………………….this was hardly surprising when there was plenty of influence behind this I am sure.

Anyway I was delighted to get that call as there are times when I feel I am just up against a brick wall and I know I am not alone.  Today was one of them.  Noone can feel their best at all times and today was one of those days.  However just a call like this can make all the difference and I joked that I doubt the team would like two of us the same! 

My concern is now where Elizabeth will be sent and obviously I cannot document this on my blog.  Elizabeth knows about my blog and I have shown her not everything but just some of the supporters from around the world.  Obviously I do not show my outspoken comments on the drugs being given as this would upset her however I think that any patient who is suffering from side effects should not be ignored and something should be done.  It is as though things have to be life threatening with conditions like diabetes before someone is actually taken off the drugs but I know for a fact this can be done and is done under those circumstances.

We spoke briefly of where Elizabeth would like to go one day – obviously my dream care would be Chy Sawel and I have told Elizabeth all about the wonderful care that WILL be on offer under this establishment when I and other mothers will do all we can to set this up as I cannot believe nothing is being done by the Government.    If the care is the same under private sector what good is this.  Just by giving luxurious accommodation is not enough –  more is needed.  This is why I would like to see Dr Walsh here again.  I believe he is coming over in the not too distance future and I cannot wait for Elizabeth to get the proper treatment she requires.  Under Welsh law she should be getting holistic care but whilst on a section the team do not even stop to consider matters such as long term health and this is shocking in my opinion.  I have gone out the way to prove my point by having more than one private report done and have further discovered that the drugs the Bethlem pushed at my daughter whilst she was so drugged up when they mixed two chemicals together, are CONTRA INDICATED drugs.  Over the weekend I shall be studying all the facts and information I have on this.   I think that these drugs companies have a lot to answer to.  They make out they are caring but not once has Novartis responded to my letters.  To be fair Astra Zeneca responded but then they try and hide the facts but there are experts willing to speak out and tell the truth.  I am not going to name on my website someone who is giving me excellent advice but I will m mention Dr Ann Blake Tracy and how much I have learned from reading her books and Professor David Healy and Dr Candace Pert.  I am building up a collection of books that are forever increasing my knowledge.

Anyway I shall be getting together with the former patients who have helped my daughter escape what she calls “prison” tomorrow and I admire these people –  these are the people I would like to have involved in the care of my daughter regarding open dialogue as this is the way forward.

Elizabeth mentioned her wish to go to Finland and I am most interested in visiting Finland myself to see what wonderful care is on offer unlike in the UK where it is all about enforced drugging and ECT.

I am going to get as many mothers together for a meeting soon and shall be posting the details –  the meeting is about the setting up of Chy Sawel that so many of us would like to see –  an end to enforced drugging and ECT but decent humane care.  This is where everyone’s efforts should go and this is why I am distancing myself from all these manyh anti-stigma campaigns as people can so easily lose sight of the main problem.  The main problem is the care itself and not just the hospital care but care in the community and the way that professionals in all areas deal with patients and exclude families.  The main problem is lack of communication.


As for stigma,  I believe stigma is caused by lack knowledge on the subject because people are afraid to speak out about the subject.  I have had all sorts of threats so I understand why people are afraid but sometimes people do not realise exactly what is going on and that is why it is important to educate and the only way to educate is for the public themselves to be involved in the care of my daughter for instance and to integrate people like my daughter into society.  She once had a job, she once was getting on with life.  Most people who end up under mental health services have either been seriously abused or else have suffered trauma.  The care is shocking – the first thing on offer is the drugs.   These are given to children, adolescents, people of all ages and shockingly Alzheimers suffers like my father.  The drugs themselves can cause psychosis and then this is given a label and there are so many labels to give in the DSM that would not exclude the professionals themselves!  I have heard that some professionals in the world of psychiatry can also be badly affected by what they have seen and heard.  Well I do not rate myself as being affected even though I have seen more than one person suffer in my family.  I have even seen one person get better who refused every single drug on offer after 5 months. 

Anyway,  I intend to find out the time and definite venue in order that I can notify everyone for the Chy Sawel meeting.

The right future care is all I can think of right now as a hospital is no place for my daughter to get better and there is no way on earth I am going to allow my daughter just to languish in a hospital for many more years to come at enormous expense to the public.  It would seem that my daughter has plans of her own  ………………………….I want to be like you Mum –   Well all I can hope is that my daughter one day has a job and a meaningful life and I believe that each and every one of the patients even those who call themselves worthless have something to offer in life if only they are given the help and support and proper assessments by Dr Walsh who listens unlike many doctors.  My daughter is on the list for a proper assessment by Dr Walsh.

Someone like this should be invited to speak at the Institute of Psychiatry in my opinion.  This is the way forward in care that I and so many other mothers would like to see. 







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