Got back from Madeira late last night.

It truly is paradise there and a wonderful holiday location. I found myself wondering what the care would be like for my daughter Elizabeth especially since people I came across in just a short space of time (a week) seemed very nice indeed and kind. They certainly celebrated World Mental Health Day in style and I was t here to witness the procession through Funchal – I thought this was brilliant.

Elizabeth would have liked it in Funchal and the hotel the Pestano Casino Hotel was brilliant. It is really hard to be back in the UK once again.

I have heard weather conditions are going to be seriously bad in November and this is when I will be driving back to Wales for another meeting.

I have not heard from social services in response to my email and need to chase this up now I am back.

I have written to both Asda and Tescos in response to their letters to me – they are only supporting Mind but where are the facilities to help my daughter. Nothing is being done about this and this is why Chy Sawel needs to be supported.

I have taken good advice from a leading expert who has told me the drugs my daughter are on are contra indicated and I shall now want a full review of her treatment as this combination is clearly harmful and this has been overlooked.

Elizabeth has written to me just a short letter whilst I have been away asking to go to Holland to see her favourite band play.

Elizabeth has also texted me to say she wanted to be taken snowboarding but I am not sure I could manage this – I am not the kind of person not to try something new even if I fail with disaster. I wanted to go on a spectacular ride but the person I was with in Madeira was not happy to go on such a ride – the basket ride. I thought of Elizabeth – if she was there she would have liked such a ride. Instead we just went on a cable car which was nice but I would have liked to experience everything.

When I telephoned Elizabeth I checked on whether she had been showed the report from the independent doctor which contains important information which I cannot state on this blog. I was not happy at all to hear that she had not been given a copy of this report and I think this is very bad indeed. A report made by a professional in the field of doctor should not be ignored by anyone and my daughter is entitled to see and hear what is in this report.

Anyway Elizabeth has sent several texts to me today and the letter was really nice to receive as well. I have bought my daughters nice gifts from Madeira and there was so much to buy there. Unfortunately a bottle of liquer had broken in my suitcase – it was one I bought from Nunns Valley and I was most disappointed. I may well have to go there again and would certainly recommend this wonderful country to anyone.

The place I thought Elizabeth would have been happy was in Porto Santo where they had the most glorious beaches with golden sand. Bearing in mind the peaceful location Elizabeth needs this would be ideal.

I have spent the day doing an enormous pile of ironing and am missing the nice weather already.

The cat Fluffy has missed us very much and is glad to see us back home again. The cat has been looked after by a close friend.

I shall be inviting some close friends round for drinks to try out the fabulous liquers from Madeira.

I will leave you with the latest comments from private sector care:

She……………..You are not doing yourself any favours.

What I as a mother objects to is the way my daughter is being dragged into matters by the team. Why don’t they just focus their anger on me as a mother and leave her out of things. It is not fair that someone should say “she’s not doing herself any favours”.

I am not asking for any favours other than I want my daughter to have proper care and a leading expert has given me advice in addition to that given by the independent doctor and I as a mother am not happy that such advice and opinion relating to my daughter and her care should be dismissed by the team. All I ask is that she be treated fairly.

I know very well that the team could slate me as a mother calling me names openly and discrediting me in every way possible. Well if they want to do this then they can go ahead as far as I am concerned – they have already done this in the files which I have in my possession but why not be honest – totally honest in coming out and saying what they think of me in front of the world. I would more than welcome this kind of honesty even if they make my name like mud. I would rather they do this than keep dragging my daughter into things as she should be left out of matters and be given the full picture as presented by the independent doctor and leading expert. I would have no complaints then – I do not care what the team are saying behind my back but I would prefer to have an open discussion any day. I do not mind criticism as long as it is fair.


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